Men's jewelry is popular

No, a man who wears jewelry was not brought up in mom's petticoats. Forget prejudices and a priori. The 2.0 man wears jewelry to assert his style and express his personality. The great seducers proudly wear men's bracelets, rings... to charm their conquests. And it works. Today, we see more and more women who offer men's jewelery to their darlings.

Men have been wearing jewelry since time immemorial

Ancient engravings show prehistoric men wearing ornaments (most often necklaces and bracelets) made of bone, wood, shells, greenhouse eagles, animal teeth... For historians, these jewels represented marital status, membership of a clan, a religion... They were also a sign of power, perhaps to be oneself, a means of communication.

For centuries, jewelry symbolized wealth. Set with precious stones, they were reserved for the wealthy: kings, politicians, nobles, members of the clergy...

If in the 19th century, men's jewelry was somewhat forgotten , in the third millennium they regain their titles of nobility. Today a man who wears a jewel is a man who has style. Jewels with this gift of sublimating any outfit.

Men's jewelry: trendy must-haves

Yes, jewelry continues to appeal to men. And for good reason. They allow you to highlight a part of your body, or to refine your look. Imagine a braided leather bracelet on a suit jacket, jeans and boots. The trendy look par excellence. Or a pearl bracelet with a casual outfit. On the beach, you would be a sensation.

Similar to clothing, jewelry is used to catch the eye and to stand out from others. Starting with the bracelet. Moreover, it is the jewel most appreciated by men. In particular because it can be exhibited or on the contrary hidden behind the sleeve of a shirt or a jacket. In addition, it can be worn alone or with others. There is no code. Not to mention the multitude of models (men's bangle bracelet, bracelet, Tibetan or Brazilian influence bracelet)... and materials (gold, silver, steel, leather, pearls ...) offered by brands.

The ring is also beginning to seduce men who do not hesitate to wear classic and timeless silver signet rings. Or ethnic models with clean lines. As for men's necklaces and earrings, they are no longer reserved for punks and rock stars. In their professional environment, many people wear a thin chain with a pendant.

Men's jewelry stores are growing

From the most prestigious brands to ready-to-wear stores, men's jewelery is gaining ground. Alongside watches and cufflinks, there are bracelets, rings, necklaces... adapted to all tastes and all budgets. And sales are starting to take off. Proof that fashion is changing, that mentalities are changing.

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