Les bijoux et les hommes : une histoire d'amour

Jewelry and Men: A Love Story

Some people still wonder if men can be interested in or wear jewelry. We are entitled to question the validity of this question in the 21st century. But we'll go even further by saying that in reality, they always have, to varying degrees. JP Morgan is a striking example.

JP Morgan, a man who collects jewelry

JP Morgan, the famous captain of industry who founded one of the largest banks in the world, was a big fan of men's and women's jewelry. Although he was the figurehead of legendary companies such as General Electric or U.S. Steel, he was also a great passionate about jewelry. He very quickly became interested in jewelry. He had also enlisted the services of the chief mineralogist of Tiffany and Co., Frederick Kunz, to help him build his collection. This was started in the 1880s.

The pair even went to the Universal Exhibition in Paris of 1889 and 1900 to present their treasures. It was also under Kunz's impetus that the JP Morgan collection was donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History upon Morgan's death in 1913. And if you're wondering, yes, the morganite (a peach-pink beryl) was named in honor of JP Morgan.

A published catalog

He was so fond of his collection of JP Morgan jewelry that in 1910 he published a catalogue listing his finest pieces. 10 copies were published on parchment for his relatives, 150 on normal paper for the public. He was probably inspired by the tradition of the Tiffany Blue Book, an annual catalog published from 1845 which included the most beautiful pieces from the Tiffany and Co collections.

The love affair between men and jewelry is not new. From JP Morgan to King Solomon via the Maharajas or even Henri VIII, there is no shortage of examples. Today, this relationship continues to grow stronger. As proof, for the first time in the history of the Tiffany Blue Book, men's jewelry has been added to the catalog, including signet rings.

I saw an opportunity to speak to men who appreciate design and beauty,” said Reed Krakoff, Creative Director of Tiffany and Co. “Wearing men's jewelry from this genre is new to many members of the male sex. If they are high jewelry pieces, they do not have to be worn formally. You can pin a brooch on a denim jacket very well..

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