Le nœud papillon, symbole de protestation en Australie

The bow tie, a symbol of protest in Australia

Throughout history, clothing has often served as an effective method of political communication. In France we have the example at this very moment with the phenomenon of yellow vests. In Australia, people are protesting the criminal actions of banks carrying a dark bow tie.

Clothing, an accessory of political protest

The Suffragettes used the scarf to campaign for women's suffrage. The Black Panthers used a stylish black beret to further the cause of African Americans. More recently, Trump supporters carried their favorite to victory wearing their now iconic red baseball caps.

Today, a small Australian political movement has just launched a new trend: the bow tie that denounces.

During the past 2 weeks that have seen people questioned by the Royal Commission into Misconduct in Banking and Finance, members of the public who participated in public hearings have been talking about them on social media . Not because of signs, or loud behavior. But because of their dignified and silent presence, enhanced by the wearing of a bow tie in dark shades.

The paw knot who denounces

The Australian magazine Your Money was intrigued, so it investigated the phenomenon. He thus discovered that he had been initiated by whistleblower Jeff Morris. The latter, who was a financial planner for the Commonwealth Bank, had denounced to his superiors the actions of his colleague Don Nguyen. He was ignored. He may have been asked to "temper his sense of justice", as was the case with the CEO of the bank.

But, instead of keeping quiet, he mustered up his courage by alerting the media. And when he was asked to testify before the commission, he did so in a black bow tie. The victims of the banks' actions, as well as sympathizers, then began to imitate him, so much so that one can now see many bow ties among those who attend the hearings.

Because it's a fact: whether it's for a wedding, for the New Year, for a lambda party or to denounce an injustice, the bow tie is always extremely effective when it comes to get attention!


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