Le nœud papillon pour casser la monotonie

The bow tie to break the monotony

In the corporate world in the United States, it's like an old-fashioned school, everyone wears the same or almost the same uniform. Blue shirt, black tie, blue tie or red tie… I wanted to distinguish myself from others, I wanted to dress differently so as not to look like the people around me. That's how I started wearing bow ties, which I was often complimented on. That's how I started wearing the bow tie every day. »

Here's how Ne'Gyle Beaman, a gentleman from Detroit who clearly cares about his looks, told local media how his passion for bow ties started. This taste for fashion led him to open his own shop, which he called "Bleu Bowtique", in a nod to the bow tie (bow tie in English).

Bow ties for men who like to step out of the fray

Ne'Gyle Beaman didn't just offer out-of-the-ordinary accessories like bow ties, though. He continued to push his logic of individualization by offering limited edition men's accessories for sale. He said:

I didn't want to position myself as a store that offers its customers products that look alike. I didn't want to be like those mall stores that sell the same tie by the hundreds.»

Of course, he reuses the same fabrics to make several bow ties, nor does he have an unlimited range of cuts. But by varying the fabrics and the models, each bow tie sold by his shop is absolutely unique. Unless it is a special order, for example for a wedding: in this case, he sometimes makes several identical bow ties.

Dressing well: a tradition he intends to perpetuate

While Detroit is known for its decrepit industrial sector and its depopulation, it is also famous for its inhabitants who used to dress in their 31s every day. As Mr. Beaman explains, all you have to do is look at old photos to see this. Men going to a baseball game would dress in full suits and Borsalino, for example.

It is this tradition of dressing well that makes him proud to be so elegant and different. He is sometimes said to have the "Detroit look". And even if the remark is sometimes somewhat sarcastic, it makes him proud. Whether at work, shopping or taking his wife to a restaurant, Mr. Beaman never departs from his look with bow tie. You can never be too elegant, no matter where you are or what you're doing: that's his philosophy. He is also nostalgic for this time when this state of mind inhabited the vast majority of the male population.

Judged by looks? Not always a bad thing

One of the characteristics of our contemporary societies is that we are often judged on our appearance. If in absolute terms we cannot be happy about it, when we wear the neat style of Mr. Beaman, that can be an advantage. As he himself confesses, dressing in a bowtie costume often results in being treated with more respect and consideration. Dressing like a gentleman also makes it possible, according to him, to adopt the behavior of a gentleman, and therefore to become a better person.

Trends VS fashion

Clearly nostalgic for another era, Mr. Beaman longs for other entrepreneurs to imitate him, for the proliferation of shops offering masculine accessories out of the ordinary. Currently, men's fashion is based on the ephemeral, on what celebrities wear, on social networks. These trends are always fleeting, while classic fashion is eternal. When you buy a bow tie from Mr. Beaman, you're adding something to your wardrobe that you can wear for a lifetime.

In the photo below, this man tying a bow tie, with a luxury watch on one wrist and men's pearl bracelets on the other, it is Ne'Gyle Beaman . A man of taste, certainly!

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