Le nœud papillon de Marlon Bundo est en vente

Marlon Bundo's bow tie is on sale

The bow tie is a masculine accessory that plays on derision and quirkiness. So it's no wonder the hero of "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo" wears one, even though it's a rabbit.

Who is Marlon Bundo?

For those alienated from American culture, Marlon Bundo is the pet bunny of US Vice President, Mike Pence. This conservative being known for his anti-LGBT positions, one of the comic writers of the famous satirical show Last week tonight with John Oliver had the idea to create a parody book to titillate him. It tells the fictional adventures of Marlon Bundo, who really exists. This one would maintain a relationship with another rabbit of the same sex, baptized Wesley. His book was released the day after the publication of "Marlon Bundo: A Day in the Life of the Vice President", which was written by a member of Pence's family.

The parody version of the book, which promotes tolerance and democracy, was featured on the John Oliver show. It was an immediate success: the book became Amazon's best seller the next day in its category. All profits generated by the sale of the opus are donated to the Trevor Project (suicide prevention in the LGBT community) and to AIDS United (fight against AIDS). In the book, the rabbit wears a colorful bow tie.

Why not sell Marlon Bundo's bow tie?

A Californian then has an idea. Why not ask the charity Tie the Knot, which sells bow ties for good causes, to make the bunny's bow tie? On Twitter, he challenges the American actor and president of the association, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family). In his Tweet, he makes the following promise: "I will buy a bow tie for every senator who is in favor of equal rights, and I will ask them to wear it on the same day, " he writes.

It was heard. The American actor, who is at the head of the association Tie the Knot with her husband Justin Mikita, has decided to accede to her request. Proceeds from the sale of their association's bow ties are used to promote things like gender equality in marriage. This was the main goal of their association, but now their scope has expanded.

A bow tie available for sale

When I saw Marlon the bunny wearing a bow tie, I thought we should allow people to be able to buy this model. Everyone who was involved in the book project, from John Oliver to Jill Twiss, was excited about the idea," said the brainchild of the idea.

The bow tie is available at men's accessories stores The Tie Bar, located across the United States.

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