Le nœud papillon, aussi populaire chez les hommes que chez les femmes

The bow tie, as popular with men as it is with women

While the boundaries between men's fashion and women's fashion are becoming increasingly blurred, the two genders no longer hesitate to share accessories. Men are increasingly appropriating jewellery. And in a spirit of quid pro quo, women are adopting the bow tie motif.

The ubiquitous bow tie on red carpets

We already know the classic bow tie worn by movie stars. It was also the preferred terrain of the bow tie, which was then confined to events such as weddings, formal parties... Personalities in search of originality made it their trademark , but they were largely in the minority. The fashion started to gain traction a few years ago, becoming more and more visible.

Now, you can see the pattern of the bow tie elsewhere than on the collar of these gentlemen parading on the red carpet. Apart from women who wear men's bow ties, their dresses also feature this pattern. Marc Jacobs, Moschino and even Rodarte are no strangers to this trend.

Old fashions coming back

This use of the bow tie is reminiscent of the one that was in vogue during the rococo years, when a large bow tie often took place at the back of dresses. If, on the men's side, we have to play with sizes, materials and patterns to vary the pleasures of the bow tie, these ladies have more possibilities. In the hair, on the collar like men, on a dress... the bow tie definitely has more than one trick up its sleeve.

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