Le guide exhaustif des bracelets pour homme

The Complete Guide to Men's Bracelets

The men's bracelet trend is confirmed day by day. Considered the favorite jewel of men after the alliance and the watch, the bracelet is seen on all male wrists. The reason for this success? It is easy to wear and adds originality to outfits. Indeed, it is available in several materials (precious metals, leather, steel, cord, fabric.), embellished or not with precious stones, pearls, etc. Enough to change your look in a jiffy. wrist But to avoid fashion faux pas, you have to choose your men's bracelet according to your style, your tastes and your mood.

To each man his bracelet

The bracelet defines its wearer: their identity, beliefs, ideas, etc. It also reflects his personality. For all these reasons, his choice should not be made at random.

The refinement of the metal bracelet

Are you always dressed to the nines? The metal bracelet is your best ally to shine on a daily basis or at an evening. In silver, gold or platinum, braided mesh or bangle bracelet, it will enhance your style in a subtle way. Discreet without really being so, it will naturally dress your wrist. The advantage of this type of bracelet is that it can be associated with other jewelry. For example a thin leather strap. It can also be made of two materials for a resolutely masculine jewel. In any case, a suit and tie plus a metal bracelet is synonymous with refinement and elegance.

A leather strap to enhance a casual look

If you're the type who doesn't worry, without being neglected either, the men's leather bracelet is made for you. Indeed, it will perfectly enhance your casual style, while giving you that manly side that women appreciate. To stay in tune, choose the right ones: black, wood-coloured brown. Thick or thin leather, worn alone or stacked, the choice is yours. The important thing is that the bracelet is part of you. Another alternative to enhance a casual look, the silver bracelet. It's the it-accessory for the trendy man who wants to stay classic.

Tribal bracelet: the hippies' favorite jewel

It’s a cliché, yes, but what could be better than ethnic jewelry to enhance a bohemian look? In aged leather with visible and anachronistic seams, or in leather and silver (the perfect combo for a tribal men's bracelet that will cause a stir), the tribal bracelet is the jewel to wear to confirm an already existing style. This is the reason why he is so successful. A notoriety that has largely exceeded the hippies, since the followers of casual have also adopted it.

A summery look with the cord bracelet

The Brazilian bracelet and its festival of shimmering colors invest men's wrists for a colorful summer. Much appreciated for its versatility, this bracelet is a figurehead to shine on the beach. And turn a lot of heads! It is therefore normal that we see it on all the wrists of nautical style aficionados.

Men's pearl bracelets: the informal style par excellence

Before saying no, know that we are talking about wooden beads and other natural materials. Exit the natural pearls, reserved for women. First acclaimed by celebrities, the pearl bracelet has conquered men who have nothing to do with codes. Or who are not afraid of overbidding. In this craze for pearl bracelets, the shamballa has managed to hold its own thanks to the sophistication of the materials used and its symbolism (synonymous with link).

No rules, but style

Contrary to what men think, wearing a bracelet is very easy. There is no code or formalism. The only rule to follow: do not wear your bracelet on the same wrist as your watch. It's just a matter of balance.

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