Le guide du sweat-shirt homme

The guide to the men's sweatshirt

Everything that Paul Newman wore throughout his life automatically becomes a must-have piece of clothing. He started wearing them in the 1950s, and at over 83 he continues to walk the red carpets wearing a men's sweatshirt.

Newman understood that by wearing a sweater, he could adopt a casual, chic and sporty style. This garment has the advantage of highlighting all silhouettes, of being able to be worn in any season. It offers incomparable comfort while feeling like a fish in water in any environment. This explains why it has become a staple of the men's wardrobe.

The boss of Swedish fashion brand A Day's March summed up the essence of the sweatshirt perfectly: "It's hard to find a more comfortable piece of clothing that goes perfectly with what people usually like to wear. . The sweatshirt is ideal for a streetwear or more dressed look. »

The men's sweatshirt is also a pioneer. It has made it possible to abolish the boundary between sportswear and fashion, and this decades before we even speak of streetwear. It was also the first garment to dare to display logos ostentatiously, which are now found everywhere in fashion.

The origins of the sweatshirt

In its early days, the sweatshirt was a utilitarian garment created for the American football players of the 1920s. The lightweight cotton fabric used to make it wicked away sweat, hence its name. It was also much more comfortable for sports practice compared to the woolen equipment worn until then.

Students then began to wear them on campus, proudly displaying the name of their school on their chests, thus launching the fashion for logos. Stars like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen gave him his letters of nobility by adopting him. In the 80s, it was the hip-hop movement that ended this phase of popularization by appropriating it. Today every man worth his salt has several sweatshirts in his wardrobe.

Timeless men's clothing and unlimited choice

It is now a certainty, the sweatshirt will never go out of style. And it's not just a top you wear for a Sunday walk or shopping at the supermarket. You can find them in all styles, even in the collections of designers and luxury brands.

In terms of choice, the sweatshirt has nothing to envy to the T-shirt: it is unlimited. Even though the classic model has long sleeves, it has an athletic look with logo and writing + a round neck and ribbed sleeves. But with the sweatshirt there are no rules, hence the immense variety found in this type of men's clothing.

For a more chic look, opt for a plain sweatshirt. Gray or black go with everything. It pairs perfectly with jeans + tuxedo, or even a full suit. Ideal during the winter months, when the shirt is a little light to allow you to face internal temperatures below 20°. It is also the perfect complement to a leather jacket or a bomber jacket.

For the walk and a casual look, you'll never go wrong with a "preppy" sweatshirt, featuring a big logo on the American College style chest.

What men's bracelet to wear with such a top? Difficult to define a time rule the world of men's sweatshirts is rich. Just as it goes with almost everything, you can wear almost any men's bracelet in your collection. Leather bracelet, steel bracelet, bracelet wooden beads... And if you don't yet have these essential men's jewellery for a more sophisticated look, we invite you to browse our wide range of wristbands for all budgets.

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