Le collier avec pendentif : le bijou IN pour un look au top !

The necklace with pendant: the IN jewel for a top look!

After years of silence, the pendant necklace is making a comeback on men's necks. The proof. All trendy men wear a necklace with a symbol pendant. You too, succumb to the beauty of this one-of-a-kind jewel.

Good reasons to treat yourself to a necklace with a pendant

There are various reasons to succumb to this original and classic jewel.

To start, the pendant necklace catches the eye. In addition, it comes in different models to suit everyone's tastes and preferences. Made from noble materials such as wood or leather, or chic and elegant materials such as silver, the pendant necklace sublimates the most sober outfits with its simple presence.

That's not all. The men's necklace plays an identity role and represents a whole symbolism. Indeed, the pendant necklace demonstrates the interest of its wearer for a current of thought, a religion or a culture. To go further, we can even argue that the pendant necklace is a jewel carrying a message, because it reveals the deepest feelings.

Finally, the necklace with pendant is considered a “heart” jewel capable of balancing the heart chakra. It's worth thinking about, isn't it?

The models of necklace with pendant not to be missed

With the many models of pendant necklaces available on the market, it's easy to get lost, especially if you don't know anything about jewelry! So as not to make a mistake in taste and be on top of fashion, here are the models of pendant necklaces you absolutely must have in your jewelry box.

Necklace with military plate pendant

This is THE necklace you absolutely must have! He will give you a rebellious side that is fearless. And the best part is that you can personalize it with special engravings. Awesome!

The cross pendant necklace

In the past, this jewel indicated the religious affiliation of its wearer and symbolized their faith on the outside. Today, the necklace with a cross pendant is a trendy piece of jewelry that all famous jewelry brands are revisiting to the delight of appearance-conscious men.

Necklace with zodiac sign pendant

Forget the gold plate symbolizing your astrological sign. It's completely has-been. A zodiac sign pendant necklace is a piece of jewelery embellished with a pendant in the shape of astrological constellations. This is the jewel that is currently all the rage.

The shamballa rosary pendant necklace

After the men's bracelet shamballa, it's now the turn of the necklace with shamballa pendant to make a name for itself. With a model made of beads and cords, you will be the sage of all sages.

How to wear the pendant necklace?

Of course, it's not about stupidly copying Johnny Depp's look. In order not to fall into ridicule, know that wearing a necklace with a pendant responds to a certain number of rules and codes. In addition, it must adapt to your style and blend into the decor.

For example, if you have a casual style, the military plate pendant is your best friend. It will subtly add pep to your outfit. Preferably, wear this type of jewelry with a close-fitting white t-shirt with short sleeves. You can also opt for the shamballa rosary pendant necklace to accessorize your outfit.

In short, wearing a pendant necklace requires tact, because not only does it have to adapt to your style. But it must also match your body type, the occasion and the circumstances.

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