Le bracelet pour homme : la nouvelle tendance ?

The men's bracelet: the new trend?

He's everywhere! Arousing enthusiasm among these gentlemen. The bracelet has established its place as THE trendy men's jewel of the moment. Joining the closed circle of men's jewellery, the bracelet has conquered men's hearts as much as their wrists. Gone are the days when the watch had full exclusivity to adorn the wrists of these gentlemen. Because now, honor is given to bracelets for their charm and sobriety in the service of masculine elegance.

For the record

The word " bracelet " comes from the old French " bracel " meaning " ornament of the arm". The origin of the bracelet is very old, archaeologists have found traces of its existence dating back more than 7,000 years. The first bracelets were essentially made from plants, shell, bone or leather. Used mainly for spiritual and religious purposes, these bracelets had great symbolism.

During the Egypt of the pharaohs, bracelets were used as amulets to ward off danger. Also, they were adorned most of the time with the eye of Horus, a protective symbol. Besides, bracelets were also a symbol of power and wealth for ancient men.

During the Middle Ages, the fashion for long-sleeved clothing limited the use of the bracelet among men. On the other hand, the 17th marked the revival of the bracelet as a fashion accessory for women in Europe. From that moment, the bracelet turned out to be a fashion accessory exclusively reserved for the fairer sex. Men having rather opted, in the 20th century, for the watch as the accessory of choice. It was not until the 1970s and the advent of the hippie movement that bracelets made timid appearances on men's wrists.

However, the 21st century has clearly consecrated the reconciliation of men with the use of bracelets. Indeed, originally used to support social causes and to assert a group identity, the use of the bracelet has become widespread. The bracelet has now become a men's fashion accessory used to assert one's style.

Ethnic, classic, bling-bling, which bracelet should you succumb to?

The design of the bracelet has changed a lot since its ancient origins. In recent years, designers have redoubled their creativity to offer you modern bracelets in tune with the times. Also, today there are a multitude of bracelets made from different materials with various designs. So how do you choose?

Design and material, finding the right balance

First, the choice of manufacturing material. Silver is the material most used for the manufacture of chain bracelets, rings, cuffs and bracelets. Less precious than gold, silver with its white luster offers a touch of elegance and sobriety. Moreover, besides silver, industrial metals such as titanium and tungsten are also commonly used for men's bracelets. On the other hand, the advent of ecological movements has made the use of 100% natural materials popular for the manufacture of bracelets.

Next, the design is of paramount importance, because it defines the style that goes with the bracelet. Thick bracelets in dark colors for a sober and elegant style. The colorful bracelets made with fabric or rubber for a more festive and relaxed side.

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