Le bijou homme vole la vedette aux Grammy Awards 2020

Men's jewelry steals the show at the 2020 Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards 2020 ceremony, which took place this past Sunday in Los Angeles, allowed us to discover as usual a wide variety of jewelry. Including some very strange models, like the kind of mask worn by Billie Eilish or the charm hat of Billy Porter.

Men and ubiquitous jewelry

But beyond the edgy fashion pieces we're used to seeing at these red carpet events, another trendhas caught the eye at the occasion of the 2020 Grammy Awards. Jewelry is still ubiquitous, but never has it been so present on men. Although the market for men's jewelry has taken off in recent years, it is another trend that has emerged on the occasion of this ceremony. Namely wearing jewelry "à la Elton John", knowing without caring whether a necklace or a bracelet is for men or for women.

Just as stars were the first to confidently wear masculine jewelry, they are busy breaking new taboos by wearing pieces that are still widely considered to be for women. On the occasion of this evening, the stars, especially of the song, sported things that are far from massive pieces of silver or gold, or a discreet leather bracelet. This is how we could see gentlemen wearing pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, etc.

A new trend in menswear?

It remains to be seen whether the average male of the 2020s is already ready for such a revolution... While they are only beginning to discover, digest or appreciate the relatively recent fashion for jewelry man. Never mind, the stars do not care. In particular the producer Diplo, who wore a Bulgari necklace loaded with diamonds and turquoises. Shawn Mendes had also opted for a necklace from the Italian house, but in diamond and malachite.

After all, this isn't all that exceptional. At one time, admittedly, it was common for men to adorn themselves with colorful jewelry. This was the case with the maharajas of the Indian subcontinent, but also with the European courts. Are we going to witness the great return of this fashion for opulent jewelry on the side of the male sex? It is still too early to tell. But it is clear that the door is wide open. Everyone is free to rush in or not.

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