Le bermuda est à nouveau toléré dans la mode homme

Bermuda shorts are again tolerated in men's fashion

If these ladies can afford almost anything in terms of light outfits, whatever the season, for us men the constraints are much stricter. The shorts, unless worn on the beach, have not really been popular in recent years. In town, it was even a sign of bad taste. Fortunately, fashion and its great designers are there: the bermuda has made its big comeback on the catwalks of fashion shows. Finally something to spend the summer without "cooking in its own juice", to paraphrase the famous song of the Green Negresses.

Paris and its Fashion Week to the rescue of men

Walking around the first arrondissement of Paris in shorts is more reserved for tourists. Or rather was, because shorts are making a resounding comeback on the summer menswear scene. After all, why can't the male race have their calves bare during the hottest season of the year when these ladies have that privilege even when it's freezing cold.

Nothing prevented you from doing so, of course. The most rebellious weren't bothered. But for these gentlemen who prefer to distinguish themselves by their look in a positive and not a negative way, Bermuda shorts were to be avoided in town. But you still have to choose your model. Here's what the designers have in store for summer 2018.

The right length of men's shorts

Bermuda shorts, to be chic, must be worn relatively long. This rule is all the more valid for males who have left their twenties. The fashionde favors long models, but also quite wide, like France football shorts... even if the fabric is a little neater, that goes without saying. Forget table tennis shorts…unless you're getting ready for an urban jog. The pantacourt, these very long shorts or these short pants, depending on the school, are also trendy, let it be said.

The color of shorts, or how to go from classy to cheesy

Men's shorts can be chosen in neutral tones when you want them to be elegant. Forget the garish colors reserved for swim shorts. Which tint to choose? Black (even if it's not the most refreshing), grey, beige or white (which protects against heat, but has the disadvantage of being extremely messy).

There are, of course, fashion designers who dare to wear colorful men's Bermuda shorts. If you like to dress in a colorful way, why not.

What men's jewelry with all this?

How to match such an outfit with fashion accessories such as men's jewelry? Chic bermuda goes with almost everything. Among the range of men's necklaces from Bijoux4Men, a shamballa necklace will look great under an open-necked short-sleeved shirt.

On the wrist, a men's leather bracelet will look great with beige Bermuda shorts. A silver or steel band is another great choice… Check out our range of products and make your own!
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