La signification des bijoux homme tete de mort

The meaning of men's skull jewelry

Men's Skull Bracelet

Like art, fashion draws inspiration from everywhere. It feeds on symbols, defies conventions, attacks received ideas to question and provoke reactions! Skull jewelry for men is still trending this year. From the rocker style, to the gothic style, passing through the gangsta or hipster look: Bijoux 4 Men deciphers the symbolism of skulls for men's jewelry! Back to the most beautiful models of necklaces and skull bracelets!

The Skull Symbol

This is one of the most disturbing symbols of humanity! The skull and its gaping eye sockets immediately call up the image of…. death!

The skull is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that has spanned the ages. This is why we find a lot of skulls in the artistic field. Dali, Picasso, Andy Warhol: all summoned this morbid image to convey a message. Literature is not left out, since many authors like Shakespeare have used it. It's often a way of exposing human vanities, and saying to man, "Remember you're going to die"!

Danger, insubordination.When the skull is on top of a pair of shinbones, it is the emblem of the pirates.

The rock roots of skull jewelry

Pirates seized the symbol to sow terror on the seas. The skull has become a symbol of rebellion, disobedience to the rules, and even freedom. Those who wear a skull and crossbones are often feared and dreaded, they inspire fear and danger.

In the 1950s, the Hells Angels took over the symbol. This gang of American bikers takes on the appearance of modern-day pirates by spreading terror on the roads.

To this day, human skulls and skeletons are part of the rock and gothic aesthetic. They embody the values ​​of rebellion, and a certain mysticism. The black leather skull bracelets perfectly dress the wrists of rockers or goths.

Shamballa Skulls

Made of skull beads, these shamballas are a big hit! Initially, these are Tibetan bracelets, inspiring meditation. On a symbolic level, the skull and crossbones shamballas are a form of criticism of consumer society and its excesses. A way, perhaps, of saying what we wear today is perishable, will not be short tomorrow.

Refusal of the established order, protest: skull jewelry for men is really not jewelry like any other!

The Legend of the Mexican Skulls *dia de los muertos*

Of Aztec origin, the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a very popular ritual in Mexico and the United States. The celebrations take place on November 1st, and are very festive: there are offerings of candies, Tequila, Mexicans go to the cemeteries, dance and sing. They make altars in their homes, and light candles.

The symbol of the skull comes back everywhere, but the image is not at all austere. There are many colors.

In film or television, Dia de Los Muertos is sometimes associated with Mexican gangsters. So the colored skull is also a gangsta symbol. It is found on tattoos, and on bracelets, necklaces.

Dia de los muertos / day of the dead jewelry are often popular pieces for hip hop / rapper looks.

Bonus: how to make the skull symbol on Facebook?

On the networks, we use the skull smiley to evoke a complicated situation. Ironically for example: "My girlfriend is going to kill me !" ".
  1. Select the smiley opposite:
  2. Right click + "Copy"
  3. On facebook, right click + "Paste"
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