La psychologie des bijoux, un cadeau idéal

The psychology of jewelry, an ideal gift

As the end of the year celebrations are fast approaching, the great shopping period essential to the collection of Christmas gifts has started. Like every year, jewellery will occupy a special place among them. Here's why.

Why jewelry is an ideal gift?

In the United States, there are more than 60.000 jewelry stores. The sector represents an annual turnover of 30 billion dollars. And around 28% of sales take place during the month of December.

How do you explain the popularity of jewelry as a Christmas present? Quite simply because traditionally, these are things that we cannot buy. This is also true for men's jewelry as well as for women's jewelry, even if we are experiencing a change in trend due to their emancipation. Jewelry is also an eminently sentimental gift. A good present always has a personalized character.

Scientific research shows that wearing jewelry can improve self-confidence. For example, one study showed that patients with memory problems reduced their irritability by wearing jewelry.

Men's jewelry: a 5% market

The men's jewelry sector represents 5% of the jewelry market. But it is also a rapidly growing sector. This explains why it is the subject of all the attention of jewelers. Men's jewelry still has plenty of room for improvement given the gap to be made up.

Despite the still limited weight of men's jewelry compared to women's jewelry, approximately 40% of jewelry is purchased by men. When they acquire pieces for themselves, they mainly turn to watches, wedding bands, bracelets, necklaces, rings or even pins with tie. Cufflinks were once very popular Christmas gifts, but they have fallen somewhat out of fashion.

The Psychology of Jewelry

Psychologists associate certain jewelry with personality traits. For example, wearing stud earrings is a sign of elegance and a sense of aesthetics without wanting to draw attention to yourself. According to some experts, this type of jewelry is a sign of stability and self-confidence. Conversely, massive hoops are meant to catch the eye.

The more the jewelry is massive, the more it is associated with an extroverted personality, seeking attention. These jewels are worn by people who have a busy social life. People who appreciate jewelry made of natural materials are often lovers of the great outdoors.

You can show off your classicism by wearing specific jewellery. For men, it can be a minimalist bangle, a signet ring. For a look that is both original and retro, we can turn to vintage and antique jewelry.

The history of jewelry

The first jewels date back almost 100.000 years. At first, they were worn by both men and women. They consisted of necklaces made with natural things such as leather, shells. Later, other elements began to be used such as feathers, waters, teeth, horns, claws, etc. These jewels made from animals were intended to provide their wearers with the qualities of these fascinating beasts. For example, jewelry made from the remains of a jaguar was meant to endow its wearer with speed and agility. Most prehistoric jewelry had a symbolic meaning. They served as talismans, amulets.

As technology progresses and mastery of metalworking, jewelry has evolved to become a symbol of power and wealth. It has become the property of the ruling class. Crowns, tiaras and other jewelry became signs of status and authority. There has always been an aesthetic factor in jewelry, but it was only later that it became purely decorative. Even if we can say that fine jewelry still represents a symbol of wealth.

Men's jewelry for a Christmas present?

The jewel is an excellent Christmas gift idea. That said, how can you be sure your man will appreciate it? As with everything, you can always go wrong with a present. A jewel that does not please, it happens. We could see it on television, for example in an episode of Friends or That 70's Show. If you buy a men's jewel on Bijoux4Men, you do not take any risk given the "satisfied or refunded" guarantee. We offer a wide range of men's bracelets and necklaces in all styles. In principle, there will be something that should please your spouse. If you make a mistake, return the package to us for a refund.

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