La pochette, le petit accessoire homme qui fait la différence

The clutch, the little men's accessory that makes the difference

Are you the type who likes to wear a suit but tends to ditch the tie? In this case, the clutch is a good idea to somewhat enrich your look without resorting to this traditional men's accessory. How to handle the art of the pocket, this little piece of fabric that you slip into a pocket? Here are our tips.


Alternatives to the tie

No need to wear a tie to give volume to a classic outfit. The bow tie is a popular option, but there is also another even more dandy alternative: the clutch. Like the pap knot, it can be required in many circumstances. In everyday life, for an event, an outing... Since the 1920s, the clutch has been a popular accessory for self-respecting gentlemen.

Pouch: what material and what color?

Uses vary depending on the country and the individual. Across the Channel, we tend to prefer the simple pocket square, white, in cotton or linen. A discreet pattern can adorn it. We wear the pocket square on the suit jacket, but also on an overcoat. But if your coat is trimmed with such an accessory, you shouldn't do the same with your costume jacket.

If you have the artist's imagination in you, nothing prevents you from experimenting with other materials, such as silk. The clutch can also be more festive, inviting colors. We can then experiment at the level of the pocket with a more casual outfit, for example a jacket with a relaxed cut, which we wear with jeans.

Format of the cover, and folding technique

A classic pouch is square, 30 cm by 30 cm. However, there are larger models, 40 cm square. There are several options for folding, here are the most popular:

  • The single fold: the most logical, and the most practical for the classic pocket. You fold the pouch so that an edge of about 1-2 cm protrudes from your jacket pocket.
  • The point fold : with this fold, it's a point that protrudes from your pocket instead of a homogeneous band. How to get it? Lay the pouch on a flat surface. Fold it to obtain a triangle, then fold the 2 angles from the base of the triangle towards the top to obtain a square. Then fold 3 of the 4 corners towards the center of the square to get something that looks like a house. All you have to do is slip everything into the pocket, point up.
  • The fancy fold: put one finger in the center of the pouch, and grab it with the other hand to slip it into your pocket. You can wear it tousled, or with several tips. This technique is particularly suitable for embellished pockets, silk, etc.

The golden rule: it has to be natural

To put a cover well is an art, for your beginnings you will probably need time. Its layout should be natural, yet somewhat orderly. This is enough to expand your stylistic arsenal beyond the tie and the bow tie.

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