La nouvelle collection de bijoux pour homme John Varvatos x Gurhan

The new John Varvatos x Gurhan men's jewelry collection

Looking for new men's jewelry for spring? A new collaboration between a fashion specialist and a jewelry expert has resulted in a range of bracelets, necklaces and rings for men.

John Varvatos is indeed far from unknown on the American menswear scene. Of Greek descent, Varvatos was born in Detroit and spent his childhood in Michigan. His first student job was in fashion: at 16, he worked from time to time in a men's ready-to-wear store. He started his career in design in 1983 for Ralph Lauren, then was hired by Calvin Klein in 1990. It was in 1999 that he created his own eponymous brand, John Varvatos.

bracelet manchette homme

John Varvatos Jewelry

For his first collection of men's jewelry, John Varvatos teamed up with a well-known figure on the Istanbul jewelry scene, Gurhan Orhan. It was the founder of the brand himself who was responsible for supervising production. A guarantee of quality. The 2 men met about 18 months ago. They quickly understood that they shared the same stylistic tastes and the same philosophy of life. It is also their passion for craftsmanship and rock that brought them together to give this jewelry collection with rock 'n' roll and rebel influences.

Masculine jewelry

The John Varvatos x Gurhan men's jewelry collection brings together around a hundred pieces that are characterized by their virility and raw character. But to every rule there is an exception. Among the skull bracelets, necklaces with military plates or bracelets in silver with raw finishes, there are more subtle things such as a necklace with coins or a talisman, a feather necklace... The collection also stands out for the frequent use of two-tone black/turquoise turquoise stones.

If silver is omnipresent, other materials have occasionally been used, such as leather for a particularly successful Spartan bracelet.

The official presentation of this John Varvatos x Gurhan collection will take place at the end of January in Scottsdale during the Centurion show.

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