La mode du bleu de travail

Workwear fashion

After almost two centuries of existence, overalls have not aged a single thing. On the contrary, it has become a must-have that street-stylers crave to be at the forefront of fashion. Revisited by the greatest designers, it adopts unstructured lines, trendy colors (brown, camel, khaki green, black, etc.), but keeps its original design: two front patch pockets and a cut that combines relaxation and comfort.

Once upon a time. overalls

Appeared at the end of the 19th century in England with the industrial revolution, work overalls were designed to protect workers during the exercise of their trades.Made of moleskin (very thick cotton) in Europe and denim in the USA; with a Prussian blue color (very affordable at the time), work overalls indicated belonging to the working class. Indeed, it was intended for all those whose work required the wearing of thick, solid and not very dirty clothes: mechanics, farmers, etc. A legend is born.

In May 1968, the students, as a sign of support for the workers, took their overalls out of the workshops. Later, Marithé and François Girbaud reworked it and transformed it into everyday clothing.

While work overalls initially had an oversized cut for optimal comfort, today's designers have made them a fitted garment that dictates the workwear trend. But not only. Indeed, it is a stylish garment that can be worn on any occasion: a coffee with friends at Starbucks, a "first date", a first meeting with the in-laws.

Fashion reinterpreted

Carhartt, Levi's, Dickies, Mango. the biggest clothing brands have appropriated work overalls to make them a fashion item. Slimmer cuts, fewer pockets, smaller collars, linings, bi-swing shoulders, and other fashion details that add class to this iconic garment.

On the other side of the Atlantic, overalls represent a heritage. At Carhartt for example, it remains authentic despite a few alterations. Levi's has made it an essential piece with a straight cut and timeless colors in the pure tradition of the American heritage brand. Among our British neighbors, it is cool and elegant. With the Alban brand, overalls are the piece that changes a basic look into a chic and casual outfit. In France, APC has given a second life to overalls, but with subtlety as usual: a jacket in used Japanese denim with pockets under the seam and details that add irresistible charm to the garment .

Become an essential part of the male wardrobe, overalls are available for all tastes for a hype and casual lookl. Provided you master it well. To be trendy in all circumstances, avoid the all-worker look. Exit therefore the denim pants, unless you are a bit rebellious. And adopt a flannel, wool, twill or denim bottom.A white t-shirt and white trainers will complete the look, and you're ready to turn some heads in the street!

So trendy with jewelry for men

For a 100% trendy look with overalls, dare to wear jewellery for men. But, don't overdo it and stay sober with fine accessories. A fine leather bracelet with a steel clasp is the accessory that will definitely make the difference. In addition, it is available in several models: single or double turn, braided or raw.

Another alternative is the bracelet in silver or gold. Elegant and refined, it will sublimate your outfit for an ultra trendy look.

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