La marque qui a fait du bracelet shamballa son activité

The brand that made the shamballa bracelet its business

The Shamballa Jewels brand, as its name suggests, specializes in men's shamballa bracelets. Even if the Danish jeweler makes other pieces such as necklaces, or even rings, this bracelet from the Orient is his business. His boss, Mads Kornerup, revealed to Vogue where he draws his inspiration, his upcoming projects and his latest collection of Conquerors of Love bracelets.

Shamballa with Scandinavian sauce

The men's bracelets from Shamballa Jewels are recognizable by their clever mix of common and precious materials. It only took a few years to establish its reputation thanks to its men's bracelets inspired by the Orient to which the house added its Scandinavian touch. Namely pure lines, while emphasizing quality. The jeweler is also targeting high-end customers who want to adopt a casual style.

His latest collection, Conquérants de l'Amour, aims to encourage men to connect with nature and go on an adventure. This bracelet is the worthy successor to the very first Shamballa Jewels, the classic. At the time, it was a unique piece: for the first time in the history of jewelry, diamonds and 18-carat gold were mounted on a simple piece of string. It was the immediate success, and the take-off of the house.

The shamballa bracelet takes on the world

This bracelet so popular that it is still in demand today. Shamballa Jewels has just opened its first store in New York, with other major cities set to follow.

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