La magie du nœud papillon : de SDF à entrepreneur

The Magic of the Bow Tie: From Homeless to Entrepreneur

They are not about to replace the tie, but the bow ties are coming back into fashion. Man is less and less satisfied with the status quo. To overcome boredom, they push the boundaries of fashion stylus. But the bow tie does more than just work wonders for the look of men. Gregory Bruce is living proof of that.

M. Bruce is not your average stylist. This 72-year-old man moved to New York after the tragic death of his wife, 47 years after their marriage. This copywriter specializing in publicity writing then began his descent into hell.

Terrible things have happened in my life. So I ended up living in the subway, which had become my mobile home. I lived on the A and F trains, literally spending my life riding the New York City subway, " Bruce told The Epoch Times.

Severely depressed, Bruce spent his time reading on subway trains. In his wheeled suitcase was a suit, some shirts, 2 pairs of shoes and underwear, so that he could be present when needed.

"I could go to any hotel in New York, no one suspected I was homeless, " he said. "I was completely bruised on the inside, but my appearance was clear," he said.

The wheel turns

As he was leaving a metro station in July 2015, a man by the name of Clarence called out to him. Bruce weighed 55 kg then (even with his 72 kg today, his appearance remains slender). Clarence was well aware that this man had to eat.

Bruce then signed up at her request for the Harlem branch of the New York Food Bank. He soon became friends with Clarence. He was more than a good Samaritan. He paid the deposit as well as the first month's rent for Bruce's apartment. Thanks to his address, he could now benefit from social assistance. He wanted to pay Clarence back, but Clarence refused.Bruce then became a food bank volunteer. "This is where I was able to resurrect, so I don't want to break the bond, " he said.

The bow tie

One day, Bruce decides to treat himself when he had some money in his pocket. He sets his sights on a bow tie. His grandfather and father had always worn one, so he had to continue the tradition. So he went to Saks Fifth Avenue. But when he saw the "$120" label, he was shocked.

Almost 80% of the bow ties that are sold in the United States are made in China. I found that some cost less than a dollar. It irritated me," he said.

Bruce then began to learn how to sew and then create his own bow ties. His very first creations were entirely handmade. One fine day, a passer-by he passed on 5th Avenue stopped him to compliment him on his bow tie, asking him where he could get one. He did not know that his creator was right in front of him.

A contemporary bow tie

In April 2016, Bruce set out to create a contemporary bow tie for the 21st century. Given his experience in marketing and the advertising sector, he quickly realized that there was a demand for this product.

Due to an administrative error that made him a deceased person, Bruce was no longer receiving social assistance. Henceforth, he had to make a living from this recently acquired art. He started selling his bow ties on the streets of Soho haranguing passers-by.

Bruce then created a Facebook page and a website to promote his fledgling bow tie business, called Bows Nouveau. Bruce offers 2 styles of bow ties, the "butter knife" and the "silver spoon" style, named for their shape. They are pre-tied or to tie yourself. It is still possible to untie the pre-tied model if the owner wishes to freestyle one day.

Asymmetrical bow ties

For the fall collection, Bruce's bow ties are asymmetrical.

I have to admit, the idea came to me while watching the Emmys a few weeks ago. All the men in the audience without exception wore the same black bow tie. These people are supposed to be creative, what does that mean… you're all wearing the same thing, " explained Bruce when discussing the reason behind the asymmetrical bow ties.

Bruce uses fabrics and colors from all over the world. Her goal is to create unique bow ties. From each piece of fabric he buys, he makes a pre-tied bow tie, a freestyle and one for him. If a customer sees someone with the same bow tie as him, then it's Bruce.

Today I can change my bow tie every day and you will never see me in the same one twice for more than a year, ” he said. He also makes customized bow ties for people who have specific requests.

He controls the creative process from A to Z

Bruce does everything himself: from the cut of the bow tie to the choice of fabric and the tailoring. His philosophy: each pap knot must be different.

I think every designer or creative person wants to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible, or what other people say is possible. But I still prefer to just forget the borders, because thinking about it is already setting limits," he said.

His current concern is to create bow ties that really stand out from the fray. “I want them to be truly unique, as unique as the individuals who are going to wear them." Because when you want to wear a bow tie, it's to be cool, right?

Source: The Epoch Times

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