La journée mondiale du nœud papillon, c'était le 28 août !

World Bow Tie Day was August 28th!

It's trendy to create a special day to celebrate all sorts of things, from the big ones to the little ones. For example, did you know that even the bow tie has a day dedicated to it? In this case on August 28. And for those who are used to wearing this masculine accessory, this is an excellent opportunity to try to convert others.

A bow tie for all his students

As an example, a teacher from Carson City, Nevada, had the idea of ​​buying a bow tie for each of his students in collaboration with the instigator of the day World of the Bow Tie, an American site that sells ties online. Mr. Turner is a fan of this accessory: for 3 years he has worn a bow tie every Thursday when he goes to elementary school in Bordewich Bay. So much so that his students have now decreed that Thursday is bow tie day.

Elegance to boost self-confidence

This might seem like a simple fancy intended to create a good atmosphere in the classroom. But according to Mr. Turner, it goes much further:

"Youyou can see a difference in students' attitude when they wear a bow tie, " he said. “It gives them a sense of professionalism, it boosts their self-confidence. I've even noticed that some students perform better during quizzes when they're better dressed," he said.

Bow tie for men and women

If the bow tie is originally a male accessory, it is resolutely unisex. Indeed, this somewhat offbeat accessory means that it can be easily adopted by the fairer sex. Twiggy, the famous British actress, singer and model, loves them. She was one of the first famous women to dare to wear a tuxedo, following in the footsteps of Marlène Dietrich. She said:

I can't remember how long I've been wearing tuxedos. I notably wore one for the cover of the album Romantically Yours, released in 2011. I wore it in a very masculine way, with a shirt and an untied bow tie. We still added a touch of femininity with a diamond belt.

I've spent most of my life in tight jeans or pants. The tuxedo is just the dressy version of such an outfit. It's so comfortable and stylish. When men are invited for an occasion, it's simple, they put on a suit and put on a bow tie. Choosing an evening dress is quite another matter. Sometimes I wear them, but often I think "come on, I'll do like them." "I think a beautiful woman looks gorgeous in a suit and a black bow tie."

As early as 1976, Twiggy wore a white tuxedo on the cover of her very first album. It was made to measure by the famous designer Tommy Nutter so that this masculine garment better hugs his feminine curves. And if she cannot claim to be the first to have worn a tuxedo, she prides herself on being the first famous woman to have worn brogues (these dress shoes made up of several pieces of perforated leather). She also admits to having around fifty pairs of them, in different colors.

This kind of thing couldn't be found on the market. So she had to go to the Prince of Wales shoemaker to have it made to measure.

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