L’art de porter le bracelet homme : les do et les don't

The art of wearing a men's bracelet: the do's and don'ts

After several centuries of silence, the men's bracelet is reborn from its ashes and is displayed everywhere. He is seen on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows. Celebrities have made it their hobby (to speak only of Johnny Depp). Just like backpackers after a trip to the four corners of the world. The bracelet is also worn to support great causes such as the fight against cancer. There is no denying it, it is taking men's wrists by storm. Normal that it is considered the current trend in men's jewelry. Businessman, athlete, backpacker, technophile. everyone is won over by the charm of this bewitching jewel. Necessity for trendy men, a simple option for others, however, it is important to know the "do's and don'ts" of the bracelet before wearing it.

Spotlight on the different models of bracelets for men

As on the women's side, the bracelet for men comes in several models, of which you should know at least the most basic ones.

The bangle

This is one of the most elegant men's bracelets. It is usually worn with a suit. Good news for those who are still dressed to the nines. But, how to carry it suddenly? Well by shortening the sleeve of the shirt a little bit so that the jewel is visible. Attention, absolute prohibition to wear the bangle bracelet over the cuff of the shirt. It would be an unforgivable fashion faux pas! You should also avoid the bangle bracelet encrusted with precious stones. “Less is more” takes on its full meaning here.The watchword is to choose a metal bangle bracelet suited to your complexion. Fair and mixed skins will prefer yellow gold. As for dark skin, silver or platinum bangle bracelets will suit them perfectly.

String and cord bracelet

This bracelet can be worn on all occasions although most of the time it is associated with a casual outfit. The advantage with this type of bracelet is that there are a thousand models. Fine cord bracelets, or large diameter cord bracelets, it's up to everyone's taste. And it's the same in terms of colors. Finding the bracelet that will go perfectly with the color of his t-shirt or his pair of sneakers will no longer be a headache. For those with a formal dress code, a thin string bracelet with a metallic touch is perfect.

The silicone strap

If it's for a good cause like the fight against cancer or against deforestation: it's a big yes! And this during a festival or a specific period of time only. Beyond that, the silicone bracelet is to be banned absolutely.

The bracelet of strength

The bracelet of strength is a kind of leather cuff worn a very long time ago by the Spartans. This is the bracelet for tough guys, for those with a manly side. Normal that it is very popular with rock and roll stars, bikers, adventurers. To show off the bracelet of strength, a close-fitting white short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of jeans are perfect. Something to look tougher.

The bracelet

The bracelet, a bracelet outdated by time you say? Absolutely not. If this bracelet was originally created to be an identification jewel, it is currently a fashion accessory in its own right. Moreover, the big fashion houses like Chanel have made it their star bracelet. Of course there is no question of registering his first name. Rather a message, a quote or a strong word.

The do's and don'ts of wearing a men's bracelet

The bracelet is far from being a simple accessory. It sublimates a slightly classic look. The men's bracelet must therefore be remarkable without being the central element of the outfit. The trick to wearing a bracelet in the rules of the art? Match it with your outfit, choose it in the right size and carefully follow the advice that follows.

When you wear a chic outfit, you have to show the bracelet. Above all, it should not be hidden under the cuff of the shirt. On the other hand, a wristwatch can very well be worn under the sleeves close to the skin. You can very well associate a bracelet with a watch on the same wrist if it is a thin cord bracelet. That's an absolute rule. In addition, it is necessary to avoid at all costs to wear several metal bracelets on the same wrist.In addition, stacking on both wrists is a mistake not to be made. Just like wearing the same model on each wrist.

In summary, what should be remembered about the men's bracelet is that there is no need to fall into bling-bling. A simple and discreet jewel, but which enhances its look, it's the best.

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