Il est temps de vous mettre aux bijoux hommes

It's time to get into men's jewelry

Although things are changing, men's jewelry has not always had a good reputation. In contemporary history, it was even an oxymoron for a long time, despite the fact that throughout civilization, jewelry has been worn by both men and women. Today, this injustice is being repaired. Any self-respecting male can wear a men's bracelet or a necklace.

But before discovering the most fashionable models vogue, let's do a little flashback on the return to grace of men's jewellery, and on the reasons why it was considered a fault of taste not so long ago.

From Mr T to the gigolo

For those who remember, among the originals who did not hesitate to display themselves with men's jewelry there was Mr T, or Barracuda in the mythical series "The all risk agency”. And when we say he didn't hesitate, that's an understatement, because he was a real fan of overload. Fortunately, he had a strong constitution, not everyone would have been able to bear such a heavy weight on their shoulders, literally.

Men's jewelry was also the famous gold chain worn preferably with an open shirt on a generously hairy chest, a hallmark of gigolos or airport taxi drivers from Rome. More recently, it is the rappers who, obviously for the older ones, have been marked by Mister T, with their chains so massive that they can act as anti-theft thanks to the addition of a simple padlock. If this period is not over, it coincides with a new era for men's jewelry, made of bracelets that are more subtle and easier to wear for ordinary mortals.

Men's bracelets that are popular

In the minimalist and distinguished style, there is a whole series of leather bracelets and bangle bracelets which can bring a slightly more casual touch to a stuffy style, or on the contrary to enhance the look of a more casual outfit. If you are deliberately streetwear oriented, you will also find beautiful men's bracelets in fabric, sports, cord, etc. At Bijoux4Men, we offer you a wide collection of bracelets, at the best price, likely to match your favorite style of clothing. Want to bring out your ethnic side? Go for a shamballa-like bead bracelet. Browse the assortment of our online store and make your choice.

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