Quelques idées de bracelets homme de luxe pour sophistiquer votre tenue

Some ideas for luxury men's bracelets to sophisticate your outfit

Men's jewelery is constantly being updated. Thanks to all the new things that have been raining down for the past few years, there are plenty of options. Whether for everyday wear or to sophisticate your outfit for a special occasion. No need to pay a fortune to acquire a luxury men's bracelet. Here are some suggestions from Bijoux4Men to improve your look.

Why a men's bracelet?

The bracelet is probably the most popular piece of men's jewelery at the moment. Even if we observe a great comeback of the ring. More consensual, a luxury men's bracelet perfectly accompanies a watch. There are many sober models, but you will also find more original masculine bracelets. Size XXL, colorful, provocative or atypical (for example guitar string bracelet), there is no shortage of choice.

bracelet luxe homme

Luxury gold and onyx men's bracelet

Our new collection of luxury bracelets for men offers the elegance and finesse of the cord with the nobility of gold and onyx. This is an ideal option for men's jewelry that is light, discreet and sophisticated at the same time:

The stone bracelet

A man stone bracelet can help you play many cards. Depending on the mineral used to make the beads, one can have a luxury stone men's bracelet. But this model also makes it possible to bring out a spiritual dimension. Indeed, the "ball bracelet" has been adopted by many religions (the rosary, the shamballa, etc.). A true chameleon of men's jewellery, the stone bracelet goes with almost any outfit. It goes perfectly with a short-sleeved shirt and shorts or jeans with shirt and blazer.

Luxury leather bracelets for men

If leather is a trendy material for men's jewelery in 2021, it is above all a timeless material with which you cannot go wrong. In the luxury men's leather bracelets category, Bijoux4Men offers a wide assortment of 100% leather models, sometimes associated with silver for a more sophisticated look. Fine bracelet, cuff, in braided leather… This material allows countless variations, for an effect that is sometimes more virile, sometimes more sophisticated.

bracelet luxe cuir homme

The bangle bracelet

If the bracelet tends to belong to the category of luxury jewelry, its elegance can be acquired at a low price. For example, steel models can give off the premium feel of silver, while being cheap. But this category includes genuine luxury men's bracelets, particularly due to the use of more noble metals. Or the integration of semi-precious stones such as turquoise, onyx, etc.

If you tend to wear the bangle with an elegant or casual smart outfit, there are more raw models which go perfectly with a casual style. This is particularly the case with a black men's ring.

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