Idée cadeau homme : offrez-lui un bracelet ou un collier pour les fêtes !

Gift idea for men: give him a bracelet or a necklace for the holidays!

It's not (yet) the tidal wave, but it's hard not to notice this micro trend which is gaining traction month by month: men's jewelry is becoming more and more essential in addition. Wearing a bracelet, necklace, ring or even earrings is no longer as unusual as it once was. Why not take advantage of the holidays to give your man a piece of jewelry? It's never too late to do the right thing.

Celebrities, precursors of style and men's fashion

As usual in fashion, it was the stars who started the trend. If the men's necklace or the bracelet is now frequently found in the male wardrobe, it is thanks in particular to celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Harry Styles or Cristiano Ronaldo. There is no doubt that men have worn jewelry since the dawn of time, from the Egyptians to the Mughals. But, during modern times, the democratization of men's jewelry is a recent phenomenon, if we put aside the wedding ring, the cufflinks or the watch.

Creators have taken over the phenomenon. In particular, during the presentation of Gosha Rubchinsky's spring summer 2017 collection, we saw models parading in tracksuits accompanied by massive men's necklaces. No Gucci men's show could be imagined without the presence of imposing rings.

Well, haute couture tends to force the line. The goal is not to dress up to look like Mister T. But you will find in the Bijoux4Men online jewelry store a large collection of trendy, discreet and masculine bracelets and necklaces that will allow you to to give the look of your husband or boyfriend a touch of sophistication.

bracelets homme

Gift idea: men's bracelet

The easiest piece of men's jewelery to wear is undoubtedly the bracelet. We find them in all styles, from the casual model in fabric or pearls to the stylish bracelet like a steel bangle. There are some for all prices, less than 20 € or 100 €. For a manly and classy men's bracelet, the leather bracelet is an excellent choice. More subtle models are nevertheless available, notably in our range of cord bracelets.

A necklace, an original gift idea for men

Once the course of the bracelet is over, the next logical step is the necklace. A shamballa necklace will pair perfectly with a pearl bracelet. Abstract necklace, for anarchist rebels or in brown wooden beads for an authentic and natural look, there is no shortage of choice.

Order your men's jewelry now to avoid the mess of last-minute purchases and ensure that the product you want is available.

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