Humour : un super policier en nœud papillon et chaussures de ville arrête un criminel

Humor: A super cop in a bow tie and dress shoes arrests a criminal

You really can wear a bow tie everywhere. As proof, a young recruit from the police of the city of Hartford, Connecticut, shows up for work with a neat look. Trendy shirt, dress pants, dress shoes and bow tie, not to mention his badge: Jay Montrose elegantly rules the law.

policier en noeud papillon

Would his style of dress interfere with his effectiveness? No way. As proof, he has just arrested a criminal suspected of car theft after foot chase, like in a movie. The short run wasn't a problem for him. In fact, it's easier to run with a bow tie than a tie. Indeed, the pap knot does not fly in all directions. Well, we won't go so far as to say that this is what allowed him to succeed in his arrest, but still.

The policeman in the bow tie hits hard

The Hartford police joked about this comical arrest, carried out by a particularly elegant and efficient trainee. The man was wanted for other facts, his criminal record was well supplied. Hartford Police tweeted:

  • Tip 1: Don't steal or drive a stolen car
  • Tip 2: don't break your parole rules
  • Tip 3: When the police come to you, don't try to flee on foot
  • Tip 4: Do not carry drugs on you
  • 5th advice: do not have many arrest warrants against you

Oh, by the way the suspect was apprehended by an officer in dress shoes and a bow tie.

Bow tie rather than tie

That's called being properly trolled. For the record, our super cop in a bow tie spotted the suspect entering this vehicle which had been identified as stolen. They then followed him with a colleague and after cornering him, the suspect tried to flee on foot. Mr. Bowtie then chased him and managed to apprehend him 2 blocks away, despite his outfit which is not the most comfortable for running.

This police officer in a bow tie is one of the department's 2 apprentice detectives. Given this status, they must dress formally, swapping the blue uniform for the suit and tie. But this young man had chosen the bow tie. The little story amused the department, hence the idea of ​​this humorous tweet which has circulated a lot on social networks.

We thought this chasing and bow tie stuff was fun, so we decided to have a laugh on Twitter, ” said an officer. “The Tweet got a lot of traffic. »

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