Hejar, les bijoux homme réinventés, à l'orientale

Hejar, men's jewelry reinvented, oriental style

Since time immemorial, men and women have used different techniques (care and accessories) to improve their appearance. Whether through clothing, the use of oils and perfumes, or jewellery.

For a long time, however, most fashion brands focused solely on women's products. But that is changing. Now, various fashion houses, big and small, are launching ever-expanding ranges of men's products.

Presentation of Hejar men's jewelry

Hejar is one such brand. She specializes in creating unique men's jewelry, including rings and bracelets.

Odai Rajeh, owner of the brand, explained that it had always been his passion. “Personally, I like to wear bracelets and men's rings. There are many brands that sell these accessories, so I thought: why not create and sell my own? »

Hejar emphasizes the quality, simplicity and uniqueness of its creations. Men's jewelry is designed in a few steps. The team, after having found a basic inspiration, experiments with colors, styles and materials.

Finally, we follow a well-rehearsed marketing strategy to properly position the product and sell it online through our website,” he said.

Creating the men's jewelry that pleases, a difficult task

Rejah said it can be difficult to find the right product to suit customer tastes. "We've come a long way, many ups and downs. But the journey that got us to where we are today is something I will find hard to forget. »

Reactions from people have been positive, according to the founder of the men's jewelry brand. In addition to product design and quality, customers appreciate Hejar's customer service and prompt delivery. He indicated that customer service is the subject of special attention from his house of men's jewelry.

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