Bracelet homme : le guide 2021

Men's bracelet: the 2021 guide

The men's bracelet has entered a kind of golden age. It is very rare to see stars such as Jaden Smith, Spike Lee and Timothée Chalamet without one or more bracelets on their wrist. Has this idea been in your head for a while? Here's everything you need to know about the men's bracelet in 2021 through an exhaustive guide that covers everything from prestigious men's jewelry to accessories accessible to everyone.

Before choosing your men's bracelet: things to know

Strap Style

Like most accessories, men's jewelry is something very personal. So, strictly speaking, there isn't one style that's better than another (unless it's a festival-style rubber strap, which is no longer fashionable at all).

Whether luxury leather bracelet or gold, your choice will be dictated by your personal taste as well as the rest of your outfit. “A classic bracelet is always a great investment,” said Liberty online store shopper Laura Robertshaw. " This is especially true for men's silver or gold bangle bracelets.»

Strap color

When shopping for a strap, Robertshow's advice echoes the advice often given when buying a leather jacket or shoes: " pick something that will stand the test time. »

You should also take into consideration any other men's jewelry you wear. Matching your bracelet to your favorite watch and/or your wedding ring is a good idea, even if it is not mandatory. Considering the color of your skin is also a wise decision. In short, gold goes best with warm skin while silver (or white gold) goes best with cool skin. How do you know which category you belong to? If your veins are blue, you have cold skin, if your veins are green, you have warm skin.

Band material

While a minimalist bangle is undoubtedly the safest way to enter the world of men's jewellery, men's bracelets are far from limited to this category . In fact, there is a very rich variety of models: in wooden or stone beads, in leather, in cord, in paracord, luxury men's bracelets in precious metals and even guitar or bass string bracelets for musicians.

Each material exudes a particular spirit. If the metal offers a more distinguished look, we can also find this class in a beautiful bracelet in leather or stone beads. Unless you work for a company where the dress code is very strict, the vast majority of men's bracelets can be worn from Monday to Sunday.

The different types of men's bracelets

Gold bracelets

Historically, one of the most legendary men's bracelets is Cartier's Love model. It has notably been adopted by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen, or even Kim and Kanye West to give a more contemporary example. This type of bracelet is worn on the wrist opposite that of the watch. This is the most expensive option, but rest assured, there are many others that are more affordable, or downright cheap.

Silver bracelets

Far from being a simple cheap alternative to gold, silver is a very elegant metal which has the advantage of being less flashy than the yellow metal. Its price makes it possible to make more massive bracelets for men at affordable prices. The silver men's bracelet can be associated with other models in stacking mode to obtain a more relaxed style, a little hippie chic.

Cord bracelets

The men's cord bracelet is an even more casual variant than the leather bracelet. Once again in this category we find a great wealth of styles likely to seduce any male. From the minimalist cord bracelet to the brightly colored sport variant, via the more voluminous and intricate models, the choice is plethoric.

Chain and curb bracelets

If you think the men's bracelet and chain bracelet are holdovers from the 1980s, you're right. That said, the fashion of this decade is making a comeback. This is why we are beginning to see more and more the bracelet on the wrist of rich and famous gentlemen, in particular Timothée Chalamet. That said, this style of men's bracelet remains associated with a certain population, it's up to you.

Men's pearl bracelets

If the real pearl is making a push on the side of men's jewellery, we are talking to you here about bracelets made of wood beads, stone beads, etc. Once again, this type of men's bracelet can take many forms, from a distinguished piece to a casual accessory. That said, there is always a little bohemian and spiritual air that emanates from the men's pearl bracelet. This is particularly the case with shamballas, Tibetan bracelets, etc. It is especially appreciated by men who love travel, New Age, freedom, etc.

Leather bracelets for men

Once one of the surfer's iconic accessories, the men's leather bracelet has taken on a whole new dimension since brands such as Tom Ford and Yves Saint-Laurent have taken over. An elegant leather bracelet is undoubtedly in 2021 the most versatile men's jewellery. Whether to match with any outfit or other jewelry, no matter the material.

The bangle

If you're about to buy your first piece of men's jewelry, the bangle bracelet is undoubtedly the least risky option of the lot. If you really want to play the discretion card, you will take a matt steel model, for example. For an extra dash of bling, a shiny silver bangle will be perfect.

Bijoux4Men: the online men's bracelet specialist

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