Guide du bijou homme sobre et élégant

Guide to sober and elegant men's jewelry

For most men, jewelry can be a difficult subject to grasp. It is not difficult to understand why. The term "men's jewelry" has been the victim of a limited supply for decades. Unless a man wanted to define himself with an ostentatious and bold metal chain, the only option was to opt for a watch and a wedding band. And that's almost all. Until Miansai came on stage and finally gave the men what they had always wanted without knowing it.

Jewellery for everyone

"I always say we make jewelry for guys who don't wear jewelry," Saiger says of his collection. "If a guy wears a watch, he'll wear Miansai. »

Michael Saiger, founder and creative director of Miansai men's jewelry, is a great example of how any man can wear jewelry, without looking like an outsider. Saiger could be considered a "cool guy" in Wynwood's burgeoning design scene. But his style is far from the unconventional artistic look one would expect from an event like Art Basel. The artisan jeweler's style is classic, timeless and unadorned. Like her jewels, it is elegant, but without forcing. So, who better than to guide men through the world of men's jewelry?

Saiger's passion for the brand is evident after a few minutes of conversation. Yet he had never dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer. And even less to create a successful brand employing many people before he even pocketed his university degree.

I was trying to find a bracelet and couldn’t find anything,” Saiger says of the early days of his burgeoning business. “The only thing available on the market was big silver jewelry. These are parts intended for a very particular type of profile. This kind of jewelry says a lot about the man who wears it. I'm trying to create an accessory that's more like a subtle touch to enhance a man's personality. Which doesn't necessarily define who he is. »

Saiger's taste for design began in his childhood years bathing in the antiques of his mother's shop. Armed with a power drill and vintage materials, he started designing men's jewelry in college. He sold his designs to stores such as Ron Herman, Fred Segal and What Goes Around Comes Around. They found takers immediately.

The story of Michael Saiger

Making jewelry has become an obsession for this self-taught designer. He grew his business organically by reinvesting the profits from his earlier creations back into his business, buying molding machines, polishing machines and a 3D printer. Saiger had started laying the groundwork for his jewelry style that would resonate with all types of men and then started a major trend.

I wanted something nostalgic that people could relate to,” says Saiger. “That's where my idea came from to combine materials like nautical cord and nautical rope with sterling silver. It was a superior version of something you would get or do at summer camp. Nobody was doing that and I knew my designs would be popular. »

Even if you're not familiar with this jewelry brand, you certainly know the anchor and hook bracelets that have propelled Miansai among the most popular men's jewelry brands. wrap bracelets (available in leather or cord) have become a hit with men because they are easy, versatile and accessible to all fashion and retail brands. If a man wants to try a piece of jewelry for the first time, hook or anchor bracelets are ideal for most of them.

What to look for when buying men's jewelry

The selection method is the same as choosing a button-down shirt,” says Saiger. “ It all depends on what you gravitate towards, the things that speak to you. Don't think too much. »

Go for versatile pieces that add an eye-catching touch to your everyday look. In terms of cost to use, choose a bracelet, ring or necklace that won't overpower your everyday look and add a stylish accent to your weekend outfit. Quickly, you will find jewelry that takes care of your personal style.

"I think that's the thing about jewelry," says Saiger. “You can wear it for years, have a lot of experiences, and accumulate different memories in its presence. He has been through a lot with you and is becoming an essential part of you.»

To guide you through your jewelry purchase, Saiger explains how men can wear jewelry and what pieces to look for.

Men's bracelets

The trend was for men's leather or thicker metal bracelets. But now we've turned to minimalist, refined bracelets that a man can easily layer or wear alone,,” says Saiger. “I like to combine a simple cuff bracelet with another bracelet with a different texture, whether rope or leather. I avoid pieces that are too overwhelming. »

When it comes to wearing multiple bracelets, it's best to think of exercise as balancing an equation. A stylish bracelet shines on its own, but if you want to be a little bolder with your look, just make sure the combination isn't too distracting or heavy. If you already wear a watch and a wedding band on one hand, add a touch of metal or cord to your other wrist.

Men's rings

If you wear a signet ring, I would recommend wearing it without another ring on that hand,” Saiger says of the trending style of rings for men. “Such a men's ring rips on its own; there is no need to do more. But if your style is a little more daring, you can possibly add a second to this hand, but certainly no more than 2 rings. "Less is more" should always be the rule. »

A thick or heavy ring will look a little outdated and uncomfortable to wear throughout an active day. Big superfluous rings become awkward for any man who types on a computer or has a physical job. The best men's rings are lightweight, understated accessories that you might even forget you're wearing. Except when someone compliments you on them. Saiger recommends sticking to sleek rings that are no wider than 4 millimeters.

Men's necklaces

Go for something minimalist that speaks to you and can be worn both over your shirt or tucked in with just a stretch of chain that peaks around your neck. A modern chain necklace with a length that hits the middle of the chest adds character to a basic T-shirt and jeans for a killer style. Saiger suggests avoiding chunky, chunky diamond chains. A very polished look can be difficult for some guys to pull off. In this case, go for something a little more unique and rough.

A great way to stack is to start with a simple long chain (with or without a pendant) and then add a shorter chain with a pendant to jazz up your T-shirt or sweatshirt in every way. days. You can mix and match complementary metals for a more sophisticated style,” says Saiger.

No matter what jewelry you choose, and how you decide to wear it, it's important to go for something you really love. That you will wear daily with ease. A jewel is the synthesis of the adventures and the great moments of your life. That's why they have such sentimental value.

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