Franky Diamond, créateur de bijoux en diamant pour hommes

Franky Diamond, men's diamond jewelry designer

While the trends that make up the world of women's jewelry are constantly evolving, for a long time men's jewelry was confined to classic pieces whose style seems set in stone. Sad gold watches, men's bracelets without personality or even simple gold chains remain the norm, especially in Asia. The diamond seemed to be reserved for women. Celebrity jeweler Franky Diamond is working hard to change things.

Men's jewelry for stars

From hip-hop artists to sports stars, Franky's masterpieces appeal primarily to the rich and famous given their price tag (up to $24,000). But if you have a limited budget, it is possible to buy Franky Diamond jewelry for 700-900 dollars. And despite this more affordable price, the diamonds are still there. On his Instagram account, he is followed by stars such as Ryuk Chain, Dalton Pompey, Pressa Armani and BurnaBandz, to name but a few.

Real name Ali Lalani (he has Indian and Pakistani roots), Franky Diamond creates pieces that do not go unnoticed because of their presence and the personality they express. Among its offer are watches, rings, necklaces with pendants and bracelets. The common point of all these coins is the diamond (as well as the gold). However, he specializes in pendants and rings. Classic or contemporary style, it depends: Franky Diamond men's jewelry features the cross of Christ, Egyptian motifs, the ghost of Snapchat or very hip-hop inscriptions like CASH MONEY.

Men's jewelry for millennials

His jewelry is aimed at millennials because he thinks that's his target audience. He communicates with him via his Instagram account, on which he regularly publishes pictures of his latest creations. He also offers videos of his men's jewelry to better show how they shine with 1000 lights thanks to diamonds.

A family jewelery and diamond tradition

Franky Diamond didn't get into jewelry out of opportunism. His grandfather was a jeweler, as well as his father. His family has been involved in the jewellery business for more than 50 years. So he's just picking up the slack, even though he decided to position himself in a unique way by creating diamond jewelry for men. However, it was not in jewelry that he started his career, but in finance. After a few years, he realized that this was not his path. He therefore turned to his roots, namely jewelry. He said: “I am proud to carry on the family tradition in the fields of diamonds and jewellery. It was an incredible journey, we were able to reinvent the wheel by expanding the range of men's jewelry. »

For the designer, jewelry is serious. He also frequently uses the hashtag #FRANKYDONTPLAY. Franky also has a big heart: a percentage of sales is donated to the World Partnership Stroll association, which campaigns to eradicate poverty in the world. How you can love bling-bling and think of others.

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