Focus sur les colliers pendentif homme

Focus on men's pendant necklaces

The pendant is probably the first piece of jewelry that man wore. Not only did this have a decorative role. But it was above all an amulet, a spiritual accessory. Surprisingly enough, things haven't really changed today. The pendant of men's necklaces continues to have this aesthetic accessory/lucky charm dual role. Although this may vary from person to person.

Men's pendants

In fact, there is a huge selection of men's pendants on the Internet and in accessory shops. Abstract and minimalist, a pendant that conveys a message such as a religious conviction, a philosophy of life or an opinion... There is a pendant that corresponds to everyone. Usually, men who hang a pendant on their necklace choose something that accentuates their masculinity. But there are also males who choose the opposite, opting for lighter models. Here are the main categories of men's pendants:

  • Religious pendant (Christian crucifix, cross of David, yin and yang, etc.)
  • Nautical pendant (anchor necklace, shells, etc.)
  • Oriental inspired pendants
  • Gothic models
  • Antique inspired pendants
  • Skull Pendant
  • Feather pendant

Silver pendants

Silver occupies a special place in the history of precious metals. Since time immemorial, it has been highly regarded around the world. It is used to make coins, to make kitchen utensils (silverware), decorative objects. Man has long understood that silver has medicinal properties. It is used in the manufacture of many medical utensils, it serves to purify water. It is therefore not surprising that silver was one of the first metals to be worked by man. Especially for making jewelry.

A silver pendant can take countless forms. Skull, dagger, medallion, cross, anchor, head of a panther or any other animal, military plate… a new trend is also emerging: personalized pendants. It can be the initial of his first name, a plaque engraved with the message of his choice, etc.

Steel pendants

steel may be a less noble metal than silver, but it is nonetheless an ideal material for a men's pendant. Indeed, what could be more raw and masculine than steel? This is one of the reasons for the success of the steel pendant. There is also the invoice price that comes into consideration. This metal being much cheaper, such a pendant is even more affordable than a silver pendant. To top it off, steel is also an extremely durable metal.

Which men's necklace for his pendant?

There are no rules. If usually the material of the pendant is identical to that of the necklace when it is made of metal, many combinations can be considered. A silver pendant can be placed on a leather cord, or on a fabric cord. With the exception of the gold pendant silver chain combination and vice versa, which is not the happiest, you can let your imagination run wild.

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