Focus sur les bijoux Alighieri

Focus on Alighieri jewelry

Since their creation in 2014, the jewelry house Alighieri has managed to build up a loyal clientele. This has the particularity of including both men and women.

It must be said that the look of Alighieri jewelry has a unisex character in their DNA. As the name of the brand suggests, these are pieces that are inspired by the work of Dante, and therefore by the Italian renaissance. These are rather chunky necklaces, rings and bracelets that appeal to both gentlemen and ladies alike.

Their success is such that the house's founder, Rosh Mahtani, received the coveted Queen Elizabeth II Award from the hands of Princess Anne. She received this award on the occasion of the presentation of the latest collection of Men's and Women's Alighieri jewellery, which took place in the crypt of Saint Etheldrède's Church, the oldest Roman church in London .

Modern family jewels

When the Alighieri brand was created in 2014, the founder's goal was ambitious. She wants to create contemporary "family jewels". Pieces that you wear all your life and that you pass on to your children like relics.

The jewellery is of course inspired by the world of Dante Alighieri, the famous Italian poet. But on the occasion of this collection, it is above all the writings of TS Eliot that inspired Mahtani. She said:

Just before reading Dante, I read TS Eliot. I loved The Waste Land, but it wasn't until I read Dante that I realized there were many references to his Hell. For Eliot, post-war London was a modern hell, a place where everyone is together, but no one communicates. It is a sad place where one is seized with loneliness. I think we live in some ways on a modern wasteland. We are so connected from a technological point of view, we are always busy that it prevents us from living the present moment, from finding these moments of happiness. So I wanted to talk about the search for love on this wasteland. »

Men's and women's jewelry full of meaning

To come back to the presentation of the jewels, models male were present in the crypt of the London church. This diversity was reinforced by the ethnic origins and the very variable age of the models. The objective of these pieces is to bring people together when many subjects are dividing society (politics, environment, etc.).

Regarding the Queen Elizabeth Award given to the designer, Princess Anne said:

Every year this award is presented to a designer active in a different discipline of fashion,” she said, referring to Richard Quinn and Bethany Williams, previous years' winners. "It's important not to forget about jewelry. I am therefore very happy that the 2020 prize is awarded to a jewelry designer. And I am happy that it was awarded to a young woman who knew how to chart her own path, imposing her tastes and her creations. »

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