Focus sur la nouvelle collection de bagues homme Andrea Fohrman

Focus on the new collection of Andrea Fohrman men's rings

Recently, we have seen a boom in the market for men's jewelry. This is good news, which materializes a change in mentality and standards. Previously, only the wedding ring and the watch were considered essential by the majority of these gentlemen. Today, the change in mindset taking place offers many possibilities in terms of accessorizing.

Andrea Fohrman rings for men

Andrea Fohrman's new collection features men's rings that can appeal to women just as well. Indeed, the unisex is another trend that is upsetting the codes of jewelry. Even if it has always existed or almost (especially on the side of watches).

Bague Homme Fohrman

The new collection of Andrea Fohrman men's rings is faithful to the designer's style. They are therefore jubilant and colorful rings that are both contemporary and vintage. Taking the form of signets, these rings showcase noble materials such as gold, turquoise, lapis lazuli and malachite.

Men's rings to offer or afford

I wanted to target men who want to express their individuality through fashion,” said Andrea Fohrman. “But also suggest a gift idea for these gentlemen. They too have the right to experience what it feels like when a loved one gives them a piece of jewelry. » These rings will be released in May for a price that starts at $3,000.

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