Fermoir bracelet : quel dispositif de fermeture ?

Bracelet clasp: which closing device?

The bracelet is an essential fashion accessory in men's and women's wardrobes. Thanks to the many models that exist, it invites itself on all wrists and sublimates all outfits. Braided leather bracelet, in silver, in fabric. It's hard not to find happiness. In addition, it can be worn in all circumstances, in any case there is a bracelet for every occasion. To hang on the wrist, the bracelet has a clasp. Depending on the material and style, this can be ratchet, hook, magnetic. get to know the different types of bracelet clasp.


The bracelet clasp: a fundamental element of jewellery

The bracelet clasp is the accessory that allows you to attach your favorite piece of jewelery to your wrist. But its usefulness goes far beyond that. Indeed, it adds a certain charm to the bracelet and gives it cachet. Moreover, on fancy bracelets, when the clasp rusts, the whole piece of jewelry loses some of its magic. Fortunately, it is possible to have your bracelet clasp repaired.

To come back to the different types of clasps, there are a multitude of models. It varies depending on the material, the style of the bracelet and the wearer. Indeed, a silver bracelet will not have the same clasp as a fabric one. Similarly, a men's bracelet will have a different clasp than a woman's or baby's bracelet.

However, there are men's bracelets without a clasp that simply slip on. These models are ultra trendy at the moment. Plus, there's something for everyone.

The different types of bracelet clasps

There are several, but the most common are:

The magnetic bracelet clasp

The magnetic bracelet clasp is probably the most practical. It is enough to join the two ends of the bracelet so that the jewel closes. It is also safe. With this type of clasp, you won't easily lose your bracelet. In addition, the magnetic bracelet clasp is suitable for all bracelets with a thin design.

The hook clasp or lobster clasp

If there is one sure bracelet clasp, it's the carabiner. On one side of the bracelet, a lobster claw-shaped clamp that opens and closes by pressing a small mechanism, and on the other a ring to slide the small clamp. Very often, the hook clasp is accompanied by a small chain to adjust the size of the bracelet. Difficult to close with one hand, impossible even, this type of clasp is mainly found on bracelets for children and babies.

Press studs

As its name suggests, this type of clasp takes the form of a press stud. It is also adjustable. It is found especially on XXL bracelets.

The buckle clasp

This type of clasp can have several appearances. On a bracelet, it often takes the form of a horseshoe.

The hook clasp

It takes the form of a figure-8 or S-staple. This type of clasp has the disadvantage of opening easily.

The toggle clasp

Like the hook clasp, this type of clasp also opens easily. It is made up of a ring larger than the chain links at one end of the bracelet and a thick bar at the other end. To close the toggle clasp, simply pass the latter through the ring.

The sliding link

The sliding link is the clasp par excellence for fancy bracelets. It is suitable for both men's and women's bracelets.

Each bracelet has its own clasp

A bracelet can have all the clasps, but there are clasps that are more suited to particular bracelet models.

The gold bracelet clasp

Elegant and chic, the gold bracelet can be worn on special occasions and offered for a special event. Of great financial and sentimental value, the gold bracelet must have a secure and reliable clasp. It is for this reason that jewelers most often choose a hook clasp for gold bracelets. To put on this type of bracelet, you often need the help of another person.

The silver bracelet clasp

The men's silver bracelet is a jewel that imposes itself by its presence, and sometimes its size. Therefore, the silver bracelet clasp must highlight it. Generally, all types of clasps are suitable for it, except for the sliding link.

The leather bracelet clasp

Very trendy, especially in men's fashion, the men's leather bracelet can feature different types of clasps depending on its size and style. Thus, for braided multi-row leather bracelets or smooth (made up of several turns of leather or leather combined with other materials such as steel), the most common clasp is the sliding link. But, there are also models without clasp. For XXL leather bracelet clasps, the press stud is the most commonly used bracelet clasp.

The fabric bracelet clasp

In nylon webbing, ribbon or made from scrap fabric, the fabric bracelet is the flagship piece of jewelry for trendy men. It comes in a multitude of colors to add whimsy to your wrist. Most often, the fabric bracelet clasp is the sliding link. There are also models with a magnetic clasp.

The Brazilian bracelet and its clasp

Very trendy on the sand, the Brazilian bracelet invites itself on all wrists. Like the fabric bracelet clasp, the Brazilian bracelet clasp is also the sliding link for almost all models.

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