« Faux » nœud papillon : le prince Harry a-t-il bafoué l'étiquette ?

'Fake' bow tie: Did Prince Harry flout etiquette?

An etiquette expert slammed Prince Harry on social media. He accuses her of having worn a "fake" bow tie on the occasion of the premiere of The Lion King, which was screened on the evening of July 14 in Great Britain.

A pre-tied bow tie? Oh my God!

William Hanson, an expert in good taste and etiquette, shared a photo on Twitter showing the 34-year-old Duke of Sussex accompanied by his wife Meghan Markle on the occasion of the premiere of the wire broadcast Leicester Square.

He captioned the photo, "Do we agree that the bow tie Prince Harry wore to the premiere of The Lion King has the look pre-tied? »

According to the etiquette expert, this isn't the only misstep Prince Harry has made. According to him, he would not have worn a tuxedo shirt under his suit jacket. Etiquette calls for wearing a shirt with the collar points up, something the aesthetically rebellious Prince Harry failed to do. According to him, these shirts are worn during gala dinners, red carpet events, etc.

The protection of the lions, object of the royal presence

Without wanting to question Mr. Hanson's expertise, it's far from systematic when it comes to the shirt. Moreover, the label is not immutable either, it is necessary to innovate one day or the other. Finally, the premiere of The Lion King...we've seen more solemn events before, haven't we? Finally, going back to the bow tie, it was perhaps tied so well that our expert was fooled. Seriously, does it really matter? When you're on the go, a pre-tied bow tie is eminently practical. And it's still classy, ​​no offense to the conservatives.

To return to the object of the presence of the royal couple at the premiere, it is about the protection of animals. Indeed, the Royal Foundation, the charity of the British crown, will join its efforts with those of Disney in order to protect the lions, whose population continues to decline. Disney has announced the launch of the Protect The Pride campaign on the occasion of the premiere of the remake of the famous cartoon.

A press release from Buckingham Palace stated:

The Duke of Sussex has developed a deep personal interest in conservation projects, including the protection of Africa's natural heritage, whether supporting wildlife or local people. »

No "fake bow tie", but ok for the men's bangle bracelet

We have already told you about Prince Harry's particular attraction to Africa. He notably wears a men's silver bracelet that he bought on this continent after he fled England with his family to get away from the turmoil that was created by the tragic disappearance of Princess Diana.

In the photo that shows him shaking hands with Jay-Z, taken during the evening, we can see him wearing this men's bracelet in silver with ethnic motifs. It must be said that it stuck very well to the theme of the evening. And, in this regard, Mr. Hanson made no derogatory comments. Phew, you can wear a silver band during movie premieres, that's good to know!

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