Fashion Week printemps-été 2019 : décryptage de la mode masculine

Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Week: deciphering men's fashion

After Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Week, which took place in Paris from June 19 to 24, a brief review is in order in terms of men's fashion. On the catwalks, various styles were present: dandy, military, hip-hop, urban, 80-90. Accumulations of accessories such as jewellery, key rings, bags as well as pattern overlays. In short, unheard of. From vinyl to organza to denim to embroidery! This year, the trendy men have not said their last word. Spotlight on the latest menswear seen during Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week.

Avant-garde pieces inspired by the fashions of yesteryear

The clothes seen on all the catwalks show that the designers have drawn their inspiration from the fashion of yesteryear. Satin jackets and coats prove that the dandy style still finds its place for 2019. Shirt, leather shoes and boots, bowler hat and pleated shorts, the classic look will always have a great effect.

The spirit of the 80s and 90s is also present with a spotlight on denim in all its forms. Raw, destroyed, embroidered and even sequined, denim comes in all styles. A combo straight inspired by the look of Jim Stark's character: the famous white t-shirt under a big red jacket.

But that's not all! At every show during Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week, the trend is for baggy clothes. Wide pants with underpants with elastic protruding, oversized jackets, pleated skirt on men's pants. Long live oversized outfits!

Very original mismatched accessories

For fashionistas, accessories add the finishing touch to an outfit. Designers have understood this and offer original accessories proving that men are also entitled to their favorite accessories. The only difference with men is that they wear them in a different way.

Thus, men proudly wear the shoulder fanny pack. As for the chains, they are worn on the belt. While sports socks go well with derbies. And again, so as not to go unnoticed, we must not forget the feathers. On a bag, hung on a hat or even clipped to the belt, they find their place where you least expect them. As for bags, the transparent suitcase made an impact during Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019.

A mix of styles for all tastes

Designer shows define two main types of styles for this season: the dandy style and the urban look. Which come in various forms. There is the oversize style also called XXL through which the clothes arrive with larger volumes: giant cape, extra wide pants. The hip-hop style also stems from the urban look with the counter the pair of jeans, sneakers, the XXL t-shirt, not to mention the cap. Everything overlaps and accumulates and even veers towards a military aspiration. Fashion from the 80s and 90s is also resurfacing to the delight of retro fashion lovers.

Flashy patterns without limits

For this edition of Fashion Week, the motto is undoubtedly to "stay in the spotlight". For what ? Because the most extravagant patterns have taken over the catwalks.

The main thing to remember from the patterns not to be missed in the spring-summer 2019 season is the tartan pattern and the camouflage pattern. In terms of material, there is a profusion of organza and vinyl. In addition, and always with a view to extravagance of good taste, we note the display of the brand on his clothes, the embroidery of animals as well as the presence of graffiti on the t-shirts.

Increasingly masculine jewelry

Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week truly proves that women no longer hold the monopoly on wearing jewellery. Indeed, the latter are masculinizing and taking over the body of men: from the neck to the wrists and of course the ears. From now on, it is quite possible, like women, to wear a body chain.

With the arrival of summer and sunny days, the Brazilian bracelet can be worn on all wrists. As for the necklaces, they turn into necklaces and are worn in superlative layering around the neck. When it comes to earrings, the safety pin monoloop is unanimously approved by designers.

Last thing to remember to be at the forefront of fashion, gentlemen: do not hesitate to wear a multitude of thin bracelets on your wrist. Yeah effect guaranteed!

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