Et l'homme prit la mer avec un bijou Elden

And the man took to the sea with an Elden jewel

Baudelaire said: “Free man, you will always cherish the sea!” The 21st century man – as urban and connected as he is – will find his freedom to assert himself in jewelry sailor, for example Elden. Indeed, this pure Parisian brand has conquered hearts, and especially wrists, with its collections of men's bracelets on the marine theme.

The nautical spirit down to the smallest detail

Just take a look at the Paracord line, in braided steel, the Ancre or Amarre bracelets, which are reminiscent of mooring bollards. And what about the men's bracelets Cutter wind rose? It's not just the names that refer to the sea, the shapes and small accessories that adorn Elden jewelry literally take us into the marine world. The promise of an adventure full of emotions! And if the bracelets stand out so much, it's because behind the Elden brand, there are Delphine and Denis, two passionate designers, a tandem...

From jewel to jewel

Steel, silver 925/1000, genuine leather, cord... the designers draw their inspiration from the nautical planet to offer breathtaking pieces. The richness of the By The Sea collection bears witness to this. Thanks to such a panel, each man will inevitably find his jewel. And of course, the prices are sweet. It's time to say yes to Elden marine bracelets! With a sought-after style and a meticulous finish, the object leaves its cocoon of jewelry to become a jewel.

Which marine themed bracelet are you?

Wearing nautical-themed men's jewelry is not corny, far from it! Wearing a bracelet wakes up this trendy man who sleeps in us. Indeed, it is there to make the difference or to affirm our personality in a subtle way. A necklace, a bracelet, a watch or a ring, it's all about the choice and the combination. Anyway, it will be a strong ally, whatever the style: hippie chic, bobo, hipster, classic or casual. What to slip into the skin of the Pirate of the Caribbean in the blink of an eye. Besides, would Johnny Depp without all his jewelry be Johnny Depp? Her talent is unquestionable, but her personality radiates with her jewelry. So, a leather bracelet with an anchor, a nautical knot bracelet or even the Trimaran will give a certain look to whoever wears it. Let's show our authentic side with original fashion accessories. Impossible to go wrong, the marine theme is... on the rise!

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