Elton John, l'homme qui adorait porter des bijoux avant tout le monde

Elton John, the man who loved wearing jewelry before anyone else

We often talk about stars such as Johnny Depp or Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to highlighting men who wear jewelry without complex. Yet there is a global star who got into it long before them, and far more outlandishly: Elton John. This fashion enthusiast is also an avid jewelry collector. His film biography Rocketman is the perfect illustration.

Jewellery and Elton John

With the rise of his notoriety, and by corollary of his purchasing power, Elton John's taste for luxury jewelry has continued to grow. Watches, necklaces, earrings, brooches, women's rings, men's bracelets… Elton John doesn't care about gender, he wears all kinds of jewelry, from all eras. As proof, it is Chopard, not really specialized in men's jewelry, which supplied the pieces worn by the actor who plays Elton John in his biography.

As early as 1978, Sir Elton John was seen wearing a Fabergé brooch in enamel, gold and sapphire. It was on the occasion of the premiere of the famous film Grease. Throughout his career, he has accumulated an impressive collection of jewelry. He has also forced himself to part with some of his pieces over the years. 2 auctions were organized by Sotheby's London in order to relieve him of some of his necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings. Maybe to make room for new material, since the singer confesses to being a shopaholic, if Rocketman is to be believed.

Artists have privileges, but...

Of course, artists have privileges when it comes to their outfits. Whatever they are wearing, be it in terms of clothing or jewelry, no one will mind. If you try to do the same thing, it might be different. Still, stars like Elton John have kicked in doors that now give us more options when it comes to men's accessorizing. After all, it's thanks to people like him that you can wear a men's necklace or a sober bracelet without anyone finding it abnormal.

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