Du bijou homme à Nike : les multiples facettes de Yoon Ahn

From men's jewelry to Nike: the many facets of Yoon Ahn

The jewelry brand Ambush was born in 2008. Founded by a Korean-American, Yoon Ahn, and her partner Verbal, the house has gone through many phases and stages of evolution to occupy an envied place on the fashion scene today.

The recognition of Yoon Ahn's work is reflected in particular by his appointment as head of men's jewelry at Dior a few months ago. Her jewelry for men or unisex has particularly attracted personalities such as Kanye West. And, today, it is around the equipment manufacturer Nike to call on the 41-year-old designer to reinvent sportswear. The opportunity to discuss this new project, but also to come back to the career of a designer who started her activities without any particular ambition.

Creation of the men's jewelry brand Ambush 2008

One can go into business for many reasons. To earn a living, to be independent… in the case of Yoon Ahn, the motivation was quite simply in his irresistible desire to create. Imagine that you want to wear a specific men's jewelry, but you can't find what you're looking for. What is the solution, if not to create it yourself? It is on the basis of this philosophy that Ambush was born, formalizing a process of manufacturing personalized jewelry which had already been initiated.

Spontaneity has always been one of the mainstays of Ambush men's jewellery. Yoon Ahn candidly states that when she started out, she had no concept of marketing. The creations of bracelets or necklaces were not dictated by commercial imperatives, but simply by the desire to create. We all go through taste-wise phases in our lives. Yoon Ahn is no exception to the rule, which explains why his men's jewelry can take on so many different styles. Rock, club, hip-hop, electro… there are many influences among his creations.

Hip-hop culture and jewelry

The Korean-American acknowledges that the world of hip-hop has been a big influence on her work. In particular, she claims to be very sensitive to the message conveyed by this culture, namely freedom, freedom from codes, social elevation through the creative process. Rappers also played a big role in popularizing men's jewelry, when they were among the minority who dared to wear it.

Unisex jewelry

In 2015, Ambush began offering a unisex clothing line. It was a logical step for a brand that has from its inception offered gender-neutral jewelry. Yoon Ahn rejects the men's jewelry/women's jewelry categorization. According to the designer a necklace is a necklace, a bracelet is a bracelet, anyone can wear them. She also admits to regularly wearing men's clothing. Although she also recognizes that such an approach is easier in Asia (she lives in Tokyo), a continent on which the demarcation between men and women is not imposed by society.

The collaboration with Nike

As of December 6, 2018, a special Nike x Ambush clothing line has been launched. The first contacts date back 18 months. It is a line of unisex clothing with a futuristic look that takes the challenge of being adapted to all our daily activities. What would look like a piece of clothing that you can put on to go to the gym, to go to work, to go out... Here is the bet taken up by Ambush.

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