Des colliers de perles homme Mikimoto + Comme des Garçons

Pearl necklaces for men Mikimoto + Comme des Garçons

Beads have been making a comeback on the fashion catwalks for several seasons. It is therefore not really surprising to learn of the collaboration between Mikimoto and Comme des Garçons. This is a first for these 2 designers, who will join forces for 2 years to create collections of fine jewelry, including pearl men's necklaces.

First men's necklaces presented in Paris

The launch of the first collection took place last Wednesday, during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. This is a small collection of 7 silver and pearl necklaces from the East China Sea or Akoya Mikimoto. As you can see from the photo, the design of these necklaces is not particularly feminine or understated. And it turns out that was precisely the goal.

In a statement, the Mikimoto brand said that Rei Kawakubo is revolutionizing the jewelry industry with her extraordinary creativity. She does not hesitate to explore originality by freeing herself from the weight of tradition and borders.

The venerable Japanese jeweler, whose founder Kokichi Mikimoto is said to have invented cultured pearls, also said the collaboration between the brands helps bring Kawakubo's forward-thinking vision to life who wished to adorn men with pearls.

When tradition revises its codes

Mikimoto was immediately taken with the idea. The statement read: "At a time when established values ​​are rapidly changing, we hope to promote the beauty and potential of pearls through this partnership. Beads should decorate everyone's necks, regardless of age or gender. We believe that from this collaboration will come a new wave of trends and opportunities for Mikimoto. »

"I've noticed how well pearls look on men," Kawakubo said. “ This was the starting point of this collaboration. For a traditional company like Mikimoto, with a rich history spanning over 150 years, challenging established codes can lead to breakthroughs. »

The designer also said she wanted to avoid this being a "just adding a logo to a product" type of collaboration, which doesn't add any value. She also admitted that jewelry design had to be muted a little more than usual for this collection. And those to "better focus attention on the intrinsic beauty of pearls." »

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