Des bijoux pour homme, oui, mais toujours avec du style

Jewelry for men, yes, but always with style

Watches are the only fashion accessories we gentlemen can wear. What a funny received idea! Men's bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces; discreet, XXL, ethnic, graphic... the choice is endless. Obviously, some rules must also be respected to wear them well. Without further ado, browse our little guide to the man who has style by wearing men's jewelry.

KISS or "Keep It Simple, Stupid": A fundamental rule to follow

The base! When considering jewelry, always remember this rule: "Keep It Simple, Stupid" or KISS. In other words, no need to chase after excess jewelry. Indeed, unless you develop a very marked or bling-bling look, it is totally inadvisable to overbid. sobriety is the watchword of any self-respecting fashion enthusiast.

Also, be aware that the men's watch is a jewel that can be self-sufficient, as well as the cufflinks and the tie clip. The rest is only optional. At most, you'll only need to wear one bracelet, one ear cuff, and two rings (one wedding ring and one thinner one).

So, to subtly combine your various jewels, forget about the bling-bling effect. Elegance lies in simplicity !

Mixing metals: the mistake not to make!

Another important rule to follow: do not marry metals. Otherwise, you risk being ridiculed. Thus, make sure that your jewelry always has roughly similar tones. In the same way, it is essential to combine the colors of your fashion accessories well.

However, there is an exception to this rule: the yellow gold wedding band. In fact, this type of ring must draw attention to itself. It is therefore quite possible to associate it with a silver ring provided you choose one that is fine. A fine silver ring will not fail to delicately dress your finger.

Jewellery for men with precious stones: discretion above all!

Wearing jewelry set with precious or semi-precious stones can make many people balk. However, nothing prevents you from displaying one, or even several. As long as you observe the two rules mentioned above, there is no problem. Moreover, a luxury jewel will bring an original touch to your outfit, whatever it is and whatever the occasion. However, rather adopt a small inconspicuous stone such as garnet, turquoise, agate, coral or even peridot. The key word is, of course, discretion.

Leather bracelet: the keys to wearing it well

These days, men's bracelets come in many materials. Metal (silver, steel...), fabric, leather, there is something for all tastes and all styles. The leather bracelet is in any case popular with fashion addicts. And for good reason, it is particularly easy to wear, especially with a suit. Moreover, whatever its critics say, it goes perfectly well with all looks: casual, casual chic...

A safe bet and a resolutely trendy men's jewellery, the leather bracelet is available in several models for your greatest pleasure. Anchor bracelet, hook, Lapp, Swedish, strength bracelet, cuff, it is according to your preferences and requirements. In addition, whatever your favorite model, it will set the tone for all your outfits.

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