Des bijoux homme soigneusement choisis pour un look chic et viril

Carefully chosen men's jewelry for a chic and virile look

We have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years within living memory. Just look at the hieroglyphs in the pyramids or the photos at least! The men depicted there wear bracelets and necklaces. In other cultures and in other latitudes, earrings and other rings are an integral part of the daily "look". But before setting your sights on the first men's jewel that inspires you, it should be noted that not all of them are suitable for men. This article tells you everything!

Men's necklaces

Men's necklaces are among the most common pieces of jewelry seen on a male. However, if celebrities wear several at the same time or play on Johnny Depp extravagance, it is better to bet more on simplicity. Bling-bling is therefore to be avoided at all costs. The ideal is to wear a thin, mid-length chain. If you want to add a pendant to it, opt for objects such as a ring, a coin or a symbol: anchor, cross, peace & love, etc.


Men can actually wear rings on their fingers other than a wedding band. However, be careful not to overdo it. Indeed, wearing a ring on all ten fingers is a big style mistake. As for the ring itself, its appearance depends on your tastes and your outfit. However, a simple ring to wear on the thumb or middle finger will immediately enhance your look.

Men's bracelets

The golden rule for bracelets is again to play on sobriety. You can opt for a wide bracelet in metal, matte stone or a leather bracelet. Or, combine three thin bracelets to wear on the same wrist.

Earrings for men

A man's earrings, we like it or we don't like it! The trick, however, is child's play: bet on subtlety. For example, small black earrings will give you a modern and original look. If you want to add class to your outfit, there is nothing better than small diamond earrings. They can even be worn with a suit.


Brow bone piercings are more accepted in professional circles. However, it is advisable to wear only one piece of jewelry of this type. Another advice, avoid wearing a man piercing, if you already wear earrings. As for the ring in the nose or the piercing on the lip... it is better to take the time to reflect, because you have to assume them.

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