Comment s'habiller pour un rencard ?

How to dress for a date?

That's it, you've finally managed to land a date with the girl of your dreams. For this occasion, out of the question to miss. You want to impress and above all seduce the future woman in your life. So, to put the odds on your side, you want to take out THE outfit that will make her crack for sure. But there you have it, dressing well is a tall order for most (if not the majority) of men. And the task can be doubly complicated when it comes to winning a woman's heart. So, how to dress for a date? We give you all our fashion advice to make her succumb to the first date! Follow the leader.

How to dress for a date? Keep it smart and casual

First of all, know that nothing beats the basic fashions that make you look good. By the way, by not overdoing it, you are showing your future partner that you are a classy man and feel good about yourself. In addition, it is important to wear clothes that you like and that are not likely to make you feel uncomfortable.

For an afterwork date, an outdoor date, at the cinema or at a concert, don’t hesitate to opt for a more casual outfit. The semi-slim or straight-cut jeans combo depending on your morphology (raw please), well-cut denim shirt and blazer is a safe bet for a falsely neglected result. Of course, nothing prevents you from wearing a basic t-shirt or shirt. To elevate it all, go for a belt and light shoes. Your partner will not remain unmoved.

On the other hand, if you have planned a dinner in a chic restaurant, it is better to favor more elegant rooms. You can keep your clothes simple (not too simple either, be a bit original), but the shoes will be chosen with care. As we said above, the important thing is that you are comfortable.

Shoes: a detail not to be overlooked

Just like clothes, the choice of your shoes is also a determining factor in winning the heart of your future partner. Beautiful shoes are therefore essential for an impeccable look. So, to be sure not to make a mistake, betting on the right basics is an excellent alternative. These include the light-colored sneakers that have become must-haves in the modern men's wardrobe. Especially since they go wonderfully well with any outfit: cardigan, white shirt, woolen pants, etc. So, whether it's a classy or casual look, they will be your best style allies.

A word of advice: if you're short, opt for low-rise sneakers for a nice optical effect. Moreover, there are several aesthetic and stylish models.

For a chic date (dress party, opening.), go for smart shoes like brogues (preferably brown). Just like sneakers, they adapt to all situations and can be matched with all looks. Moreover, they are available in several models and styles. Impossible not to find the pair that will highlight you. A word of advice: match your belt to your shoes.

Put a twist on your outfit

basic but well-cut clothes, a few colorful and elegant pieces, and you're ready to conquer the heart of your beauty. However, to spice up your outfit and make yourself stand out at the same time, don't hesitate to wear men's jewelry that reflects your personality. Of course, sobriety remains in order. So, focus on understated pieces and avoid anything bling-bling. Like a beautiful men's leather bracelet or a silver bangle that will tastefully dress your wrist. And if you want to bring a touch of originality to your look, a pretty shamballa necklace will do its bit.

Mistakes to avoid

Whatever they say, style is man! And when it comes to seduction, sometimes all it takes is a tiny detail to annihilate all your efforts. For this, it is important to highlight all your assets, but above all to avoid unforgivable “fashion faux pas”.

White socks with dress shoes

It's a fact, white socks are anything but sexy. In addition to being unpleasant to look at, their thicknesses will also distort your pairs. So, gentlemen, exit sports socks with boots, oxfords, let alone derbies or brogues. Not even with sneakers! For your good and that of your rider, put on thin socks.

The 3-piece suit worthy of James Bond

Yes, looking your best and wanting to impress is important. But a romantic date is certainly not the best occasion to wear your bespoke Hugo Boss suit. You risk coming across as a “did you see me”.

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