Comment séduire avec son look

How to seduce with your look

The Don Juans understood this a long time ago. Appearance matters when you want to seduce a woman. Yes, who said that coquetry was reserved for women? Men also like to play on their look to please these ladies. Clothing neat and adapted to his size, a hairstyle that highlights his face. No, it's not nonsense. Especially when you know that women prefer men who take care of them. They say you judge a book by its cover. For men, it's the same thing (alas!). So, how to seduce with your look?

The right hairstyle, you will adopt

A hairstyle can enhance a look or it can ruin it. A short visit to the hairdresser will not hurt you if you find that your cut does not highlight your face. Better go to a hairstylist. He will be able to advise you on the hairstyle that will suit you perfectly. Once this test (yes it is a test for many men), do not forget to take care of your hair. A man with good hair is more likely to seduce a woman. In any case, here are some examples of timeless cuts: High & tight, Caesar, Undercut and Pompadour.

Neat clothes, you will put

We can reassure you right away, that means clean and ironed clothes. So no need to spend all your savings on designer clothes to seduce this woman who has been on your mind for months. A quick ironing (moreover, this will also prolong their lifespan) and you're done. Neat clothes mean you're an organized person who isn't afraid to get your hands dirty. So think about it! A word of advice, wash your clothes at 30°C. This way they won't warp and keep their colors.

When editing, you will think

There is nothing more ridiculous than someone wearing clothes that don't fit. Whether she is a woman or a man. If you're not a rapper, forget about baggy clothes right away. They will completely distort your figure. And it's the same with clothes that are too small. Even if the fashion is for 7/8 pants that let the socks show, if you don't assume the look, it will be seen right away. To look stylish, you have to wear clothes that fit you like a glove. Yes like a glove! If your pants are too long, you can shorten them. Similarly, if your coat is too big, you must have it bent. As not everyone is comfortable with a sewing machine, professionals offer to take care of resizing clothes in a jiffy. It costs at most ten euros.

Clean shoes, you will wear

When a woman meets a man, it is his shoes that she looks at first. And if she likes them, she looks at his face. Ok, not all women do this, but most do. So, think about it when you go out with the firm intention of seducing a woman. Take a second look at your shoes. If they're dirty, you're sure to fail!

Anyway, even if it's not to seduce, dirty shoes won't work to your advantage. First they reveal that you are a neglected person. Then they reflect a certain letting go in your life. The golden rule for always having impeccable shoes: never wear them two days in a row, especially those that are made of leather. And then remember to wax them about twice a month. You will win every time.

On the right accessories, you will bet

Watches, belt. and jewelry (yes you read that right, men's jewelry) will be the final touches that will complete your seductive look. A beautiful leather or fabric bracelet with a suit and tie (not an easy-tie), a signet ring, a necklace (not all at the same time, you're not a jewelry tree) , and you are ready to seduce the woman of your life. Good luck!

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