Comment s'accessoiriser lorsqu'on porte un costume

How to Accessorize When Wearing a Suit

A man has far fewer opportunities to accessorize than a woman. This is a more subtle exercise. Hence the importance of mastering this art. This article draws up a small inventory of the most used male accessories, how to use them and especially how to do it with purpose.

Men's accessories and jewellery: their function

A man who wants to dress formally wears a suit. There are not 36 other solutions. The accessories make it possible to highlight its appearance, to personalize it somewhat, to add a little touch of sophistication to it that makes all the difference.

The men's accessories are quite numerous, but you should not use them all at the same time. Knowing when and how to wear a particular accessory can have a big impact on your look. A small misstep and you can go from class to cheap.

The men's watch

The watch lets you know what time it is, but as part of a distinguished outfit, it mainly plays an aesthetic role. A nice watch can really up a notch the elegance of a suit when worn well. For a distinguished outfit, it is advisable to opt for a men's watch sober. Avoid models with many stopwatches and hands. 12 numbers, 3 hands (or 2), a simple dial and your watch will perfectly complement any outfit.

The men's ring

The men's ring occupies a special place among men's accessories. This is because it is often highly symbolic. The alliance is of course the best example. A beautiful signet ring goes perfectly with a suit. When you're dressed casually, it's best to avoid wearing such a model and stick with your wedding ring.

The tie pin

Initially, the tie pin had a purely functional role. Namely to prevent his tie from twirling in the wind, or getting dirty when you bend over. In the context of an evening or an event, the tie pin has of course a purely aesthetic role. It allows to structure its appearance.

The most suitable tie pins are in silver or gold. Silver models are particularly recommended when wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and a dark tie.

The hat

The man's hat is no longer really in favor today. It can nevertheless be used in certain contexts, in particular when one wants to play on a retro look. However, you have to be very careful with this accessory. If it doesn't perfectly match the rest of the outfit, the hat can demolish the look of its wearer.

The bow tie

When the tie is mandatory, in the vast majority of cases it can be substituted for the bow tie. In fact, it is even almost mandatory during gala evenings. That said, on these occasions the bow tie is extremely sober, mostly black or plain. During other events, the pap tie allows you to be both elegant and original. To get out of the fray by adopting a little crazy touch without harming your look. Be careful, however, to choose a size of bow tie that suits your physiognomy. There's nothing like an oversized bow tie to look like a real clown!

The men's bracelet

With a suit, a nice watch is often the accessory you wear on your wrist. But it can also be substituted for a beautiful bracelet, for example a silver or steel bangle. It is also possible to wear a bracelet on the opposite wrist of the watch. But regard to overload.

Overdoing It: The Risk Of Men Who Accessorize

The biggest danger for men who accessorize is wanting to do too much. To avoid falling into this trap, there is a rule to follow: every accessory you wear must enhance your main outfit. No accessory, be it your belt, your shoes, your clutch, your men's jewelry, should attract attention to the point of making you forget the rest.

Men's accessorizing is done with finesse and subtlety. By mastering it, you will be able to transform a beautiful costume into a magnificent one.

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