Comment porter sa montre en été

How to wear your watch in summer

The watch is an essential accessory for every trendy man. One, two, a whole collection! Whether classic, connected or not, it now allows you to assert your identity. However, wearing a timepiece must respect certain rules to avoid falling into ridicule. So, for this summer, discover the ultimate tips for wearing your watch well.

Which model of watch for the summer?

Since summer, many activities await you, it is better to turn to a simple model. Prefer, however, the super practical watch that will not hinder any of your movements.

As for the choice of watch strap, it should not be taken lightly. This is why you should opt for a watch with a small dial. A 36mm width will do. Indeed, this model of watch has the advantage of not leaving a large and ugly white tan spot on your wrist. Also, when you practice sports, the watch with its small dial avoids any risk of snagging.

As for the material, bet on the watch strap in fabric or braided nylon. Say goodbye to rubber straps worn in the sun, which irritate the skin, and leather straps , which cannot withstand humidity! Also avoid watches with a steel bracelet, because they are too bling-bling in the sun. In addition, they are very heavy to carry. The must therefore remains the fabric or nylon strap, which is renowned for its quick drying in the sun and its good ability to absorb perspiration. Last but not least, the nylon strap absolutely does not retain heat. In short, long live the light wrist in summer!

The perfect outfit to show off your watch in summer

When summer comes, you have to bet on clothes with light materials and breathable fabrics. As for the look to adopt, nothing like a casual look or a casual chic style depending on the occasion. Therefore, for a perfect combo, combine striped top, watch, chinos and white canvas trainers. You can just as well wear Bermuda shorts with a plain or tropical patterned shirt. The maximum ? Blue chinos with a nice white shirt with rolled up sleeves to show off your watch on your wrist.

Wear the watch differently!

If everyone wears the watch on their wrist (by the way, that's where it should be), you can wear it differently. For example, if your Bermuda shorts or pants have loops, why not hang your watch there, like a pocket watch? Nothing also prevents you from hanging your watch on your backpack using a hook. And since it's summer, how about relaxing by wearing your watch more loosely by stepping back two or three holes? Besides, it doesn't matter if it goes up or down your forearm: it's the style itself!

The watch and bracelet duo

To add value to your watch on your wrist, wear it with a strap. The trick: look for a strap made with the same material as your watch strap. Also think of the men's bracelets that display a summer side. For example, there is the Brazilian bracelet and the cord bracelet. Choose according to the color of your watch strap or the color of your shirt. You also have the option of opting for the fine braided leather bracelet or the bracelet of small beads. As you have understood, you absolutely must avoid overloading your wrist with imposing bracelets.

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