Comment mettre de la personnalité à son look d'homme ?

How to add personality to your male look?

As a man, it is sometimes difficult to find your style. Today, we suggest you get rid of your old T-shirts that you've been clinging to for years to invest in something new. To give you a clean and stylish look. But clothes aren't everything. Accessories, such as men's jewelry or a nice watch can take you to the next level. Here are some tips for adding personality to your male look.

Finding inspiration in others

Even if you haven't decided on your style yet, there are probably things that already appeal to you. You can therefore take inspiration from the look of personalities that you like. It can be athletes, actors, singers, etc. By observing them, you will be able to create your own style. From something clean with a suit jacket and plain shirt to streetwear, you can dress well in 1000 ways. Mixing styles is also an idea to create your own look.

Buying clothes that fit like a glove

One of the factors that make one badly dressed involves not so much the nature of the garment as its cut or its size . This is a mistake men often make, buying clothes that don't really fit them. This can be explained in particular by a certain aversion of the male sex to shopping. Let's face it, we tend to want this to end as soon as possible. The fittings are thus sloppy, so that we buy anything.

This is especially important for trousers, shirts. For jeans, you need to be able to put them on without too much trouble, otherwise that means they're too tight. If your shirt covers your entire bottom, it's too long. Do not hesitate to seek advice from the staff, who will be able to tell you the ideal size for you. Or to have a friend accompany you, who will be able to advise you.

Versatile clothing

Having a good wardrobe isn't just about quantity. If you want to style yourself without breaking the bank too much, it's worth focusing on versatile clothes, which can be combined with each other. When you have built up the core of your wardrobe, then you can invest in more unique things.

So you can start by acquiring 3 to 5 pants in easy-to-mix colors. Namely blue, gray, black and possibly dark green. Complete it all with plain T-shirts and sweaters.

Avoid clothing with logos

We all have lots of colorful T-shirts. Whether with the logo of our favorite event, a major brand, etc. If you really want to look stylish, opt for clothing without logo. This trend for minimalism is really important in menswear. The more discreet the logo, the better. And if it's non-existent, that's fine.

Quality instead of quantity

As we mentioned in the Versatile Clothing section, quantity is not important. What's the point of hoarding clothes when you end up always wearing the same pieces anyway? It is better to invest in a limited amount of quality clothing. In the end, it will cost you the same, you'll be better dressed and you won't be cluttered with things that you only wear when the laundry basket is full to bursting.

In addition, these quality garments will be more durable. So choose quality over quantity. For your style, your wallet and the planet.

Accessorize (jewellery, watch, etc.).

A well-dressed man often wears modest attire. Adding an accessory can take it up a notch in a subtle and effective way. It can be a nice watch, a men's bangle bracelet, a necklace, a ring, etc. It's the little extra that makes all the difference. That said, be careful not to overdo it. For this to work, you have to accessorize in a discreet and homogeneous way. If you're wearing nice black dress shoes, a black men's cuff bracelet can elevate your outfit in ways that are almost inexplicable to the untrained eye.

A look that matches your personality

Even if you like someone else's look, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to wear it. Indeed, if you want to give personality to his look, it must match your own personality! It is hard to see a geek adopting a streetwear look, a man with a conventional personality sports an unstructured style, etc.

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