Comment maîtriser la mode homme : mode d'emploi

How to master men's fashion: instructions for use

The days when menswear was so classic that it offered few possibilities are over. Today, mastering men's fashion is much more difficult because of its complexity. While fashion is still centered on women, the male art of dressing and accessorizing is growing slowly but surely.

Whether you want to get into menswear design or are just a guy wanting to be stylish and fashionable, here are a few things you need to know to master your subject.

Attention for the details

As with everything, it's often the small details that make the difference. This is especially true when it comes to menswear. The difference between an outfit that is out of the ordinary, the banal or the failure is sometimes next to nothing. The choice of fabric, the use of an accessory such as a bracelet or a ring, the assortment of colors… Attention to detail will therefore be a skill that you will have to cultivate in order to master men's fashion.

The choice of simplicity

Some designers like Michel Alessandro from Gucci are trying to shake things up. However, men's fashion is still focused on sobriety and simplicity. Which explains why the attention to detail is important, the sophistication of the male sex being played out at this level. It is especially at the level of accessories that the man can experiment. With a hat, a bow tie, a bag, men's jewelry...

Getting acquainted with the history of fashion

Fashion is like the tides, which come and go in cycles. As far as fashion is concerned these cycles are not as regular as the movements of the oceans, but the fact remains that the fashion of tomorrow is a reinterpretation of something that was on the page only to be replaced by something else. . Knowing the fashion history will therefore allow you to better understand new trends.

This knowledge will also be very useful for you to form your own opinion on the merits or otherwise of a style.

Experiment without exposing yourself too much

If you want to be at the vanguard of menswear, you have to experiment. It means taking risks, not being afraid to expose yourself. If this temerity is essential to be part of the pioneers of a new trend, there is a rule that should never be transgressed, whether in terms of clothing, shoes, men's jewelry... Namely that you should always be comfortable with what you wear.

After all, much more than being fashionable, you must above all have the feeling of being enhanced by your look. Your outfit should increase your self-confidence, make you feel good. If you are not convinced by a clothing, a pair of shoes or jewelry you are wearing, it will show. So much to say that it will be a failure.

Choose the right size

Dressing well means spending time researching new clothes and accessories, whether in-store or online. You may not be passionate about the shopping side. When you find something you like, you tend to skip the crucial fitting step. This risks making you buy clothes or jewelry that are not the ideal size. However, the size of a garment is crucial in order to display the cut it is supposed to have, and therefore to highlight your body.

For costumes, made-to-measure is obviously the ideal solution. At least your tailor (if competent) will make sure you're wearing the perfect size. At Bijoux4Men, there is no risk of buying a men's necklace or a bracelet in the wrong size: you can exchange it if you have a problem.

Think long term

Being fashionable is good, but constantly changing your wardrobe with quality clothes is not a luxury that everyone can afford. That's why you'll also need to think longer term when buying men's clothing or accessories. Trendy menswear may be hard to wear in a year or two. That's why it's also important to add more timeless clothes to your wardrobe that will look good on you for years to come.

Whether it's shirts or bracelets for men such as bangles, there are very distinguished things that never go out of style. It's up to you to find the right mix between the 2.

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