Comment choisir son bracelet en cuir ?

How to choose your leather bracelet?

At a time when the bracelet is unanimous among men, the leather bracelet stands out thanks to its versatility. Praised by celebrities, seen on the biggest fashion catwalks, adopted by trendy men, the leather bracelet is the jewel to wear absolutely. How to choose your leather bracelet? How do you know which model will go perfectly with your morphology? Here are some tips to guide you.

Choose the right color

When we hear a leather strap, we always think of a brown or black strap. But did you know that you can choose other colors? Olive green or khaki, petrol blue, pearl gray or anthracite. easy to wear colors that you can match with your outfit.

To avoid making mistakes in style, you have to find the right measure. Especially if your leather strap is braided. To avoid weighing down your body, choose a neutral color such as black, brown or grey. To add style, you can play on the clasp: steel, gold or silver.

If you opt for a black leather strap, know that this color is synonymous with strength, power and dominance. It brings a mysterious side to the wearer. There is no doubt that you will have that virile and reassuring side that women are looking for. To attend an official event, the black leather strap is preferred, as it reveals a certain sophistication.

Do you swear by brown leather bracelets? You're right, because color is all-purpose and naturally versatile. Indeed, it goes with all styles: urban, casual, hipster. and suitable for all circumstances.

Choose the right size

When choosing a leather strap, discretion should be your watchword. Nothing is more elegant than a fine leather bracelet with one or two wraps. And then there, you can dare stacking and wear your leather bracelet with another men's jewellery: a pearl or cord bracelet for a casual look, in gold , in silver or steel for a more formal style. You can totally let go.

Of course, you can choose a strength bracelet with a large diameter, provided you choose a neutral color. Generally, this kind of jewelry is reserved for men with a rock'n roll or biker look. Nevertheless, it is also suitable for males who want to convey a virile image, a bit daredevil.

Fall for the right model

There are several models of leather bracelets that we have grouped into 3 categories to make your job easier. Also discover the do's and don'ts to avoid fashion faux pas.

The wide single band leather bracelet or bracelet of strength

This is the most popular and common model. Very popular in the 70s, this type of leather bracelet is back in the spotlight and seduces trendy men who dare to assert their style.

The advantage with the force bracelet is that it can be worn on the same wrist as a watch, despite its imposing size. On the other hand, you must absolutely avoid pairing it with a long-sleeved top

Warning, if you have a small wrist, go your way, the strength bracelet is intended for big guys. Likewise, it is not suitable for all workplaces. If you're in a front-office position, don't even think about it.

The intertwined or braided leather bracelet

Initially worn by surfers, this bracelet model has conquered a wider audience and is leaving the beach to invest in all places. Indeed, you can wear it anywhere and every day: at work, to a brunch with friends, to a party, etc. In addition, the braided or interlaced leather bracelet is suitable for all wrist sizes and all outfits. That's not all, the braided leather bracelet is synonymous with elegance and sobriety. Something to add a certain charm to your look. Decidedly, it is a bracelet that has all the tricks up its sleeve. l The proof, it is the ideal gift to offer to a friend, your father, etc.

The “designer” bracelet

It includes all leather bracelets with thoughtful details: embroidery, printing, studs, beads, etc. Its main asset is that it can be personalized for a unique jewel that reflects your personality. In short, it is a resolutely aesthetic and artistic bracelet. To wear this type of leather bracelet well, choose a casual look, such as jeans and a short-sleeved t-shirt. And good news, this jewel for men is suitable for all wrist sizes. However, it is not suitable for all occasions.

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