Comment choisir sa bague homme

How to choose a men's ring

For many men, the wedding band is the only piece of jewelery they will wear constantly. That's why it's crucial to take the time to choose the right ring, to choose a ring that matches your personality. Here are some tips for buying the wedding band or ring that really suits you.

How your personality affects your style

The first thing to consider when buying accessories such as men's jewelry is how you dress. Are you the type to wear colorful things that announce your presence? Are you more of a man who favors understated tones that exude a sense of quiet strength?

All these parameters will influence the choice of your ring. From the simple wedding ring to the more daring ring, there's something for everyone and for every personality. From rockstar rebel to classic look top frame.

Are you comfortable with jewelry?

Men for whom wearing jewelry comes naturally can more easily turn to wedding rings that are large in size and/or have a bold look. For neophytes, wearing a big ring could be intimidating, seem weird. For this audience, it is strongly recommended to turn to thin models, with a classic style.

If you usually wear jewelry such as necklaces or men's bracelets, you'll need to make sure your rings match your other jewelry. As a general rule, the colors of metals, for example, are not mixed.

The choice of metal

Whether for a wedding band or a simple ring, there are models at all prices, in different metals or alloys. For a wedding ring, yellow gold is a great classic, but if you don't like this presence that is a little too bling-bling, there are lots of other options available to you, such as white gold, platinum or even more original things such as titanium or tungsten. These metals are perfect for men looking for a rough looking ring.

If you're not a maintenance addict, choose the most durable metals. titanium is undeniably one of them. It is particularly recommended for manual professions and active people. About 3 times stronger than steel, titanium resists almost everything. Much more than silver or gold.

A comfortable ring

Many men's rings now feature a "comfort" design, or comfort fit. The idea is simple, it is to bulge the inside of the ring so that it does not cause discomfort during movement. This is all the more important if it is a relatively wide ring.

Be careful to choose the size of your ring. The circumference of the fingers changes according to the climatic conditions.

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