How to choose and wear a men's bracelet?

At Pitti Uomo, the biannual menswear show in Florence, all men wore a bracelet. Would you like to take the plunge? Dare! And good news, gentlemen, there is something for everyone. But even if the bracelet for men is a matter of taste, you should not choose lightly either. The watchword, noble materials and sober colors. Leather bracelets, pearls, metal cuffs, cords... wide or thin, single or dual materials, with or without patterns... Our advice for choosing and wearing men's bracelets in style.

Men's steel bracelet (chain and cuff)

With a minimalist look, the steel bracelet brings a military touch to any outfit thanks to its silver color. It is the ideal bracelet for those who want to remain classy in all circumstances. Refined and discreet, it immediately brings style, without overdoing it.
To wear the steel bracelet without making a fashion faux pas, avoid pairing it with a watch on the same wrist. You will have an overloaded effect, not very elegant. Leave this fashion to the tough guys. If you opt for the cuff styles, prefer those with a rusty look. The mistake not to make is to choose a model that looks like a bracelet. The jewel must be manly and bring hardness to your wrist.

The leather strap

Are you mysterious, a bit dark? This is the bracelet for you. Like steel, leather is an ultramasculine material. It can be braided or appear in its rawest material and close with a press button.

With a casual outfit, go for thin leather bracelets. Discreet, they subtly captivate the eye. If you've decided to keep it casual, adopt the leather cuff bracelet. The must ? The leather strap lets you let loose. Overlays are yours. You can even wear it with a watch on the same wrist.

The Brazilian bracelet

Very popular, the Latin bracelet is all the rage with men who don't like to worry. Perfect for vacation mode, it is chosen according to the color of your swim shorts. On a daily basis, its color must be in harmony with the color of your tie.

Yes, you got it, whether your outfit is classy or casual, the men's Brazilian bracelet will always look great on you. And in terms of patterns, you are spoiled for choice. Like the leather strap, it can go very well with a watch. And then did you know that the Brazilian bracelet is lucky? Cross your fingers and let the magic happen.

Men's pearl bracelet

No cultured pearls, please! It's good for them ladies and damsels. Rather beads made of wood, stone or even bone and crystal. The shamballa bracelet is the best. Long worn by Tibetan monks, it invades the wrists of trendy men.

Its advantage is its versatility. Whether you're attending a social event or a music festival, the men's pearl bracelet will always be chic. On the other hand, choose the color and the material carefully. In the evening, prefer shiny black pearls. During afternoons with family or friends, dare pop colors like orange or yellow, or amber pearls.

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